What Qualities Should You Consider In Your N95 Masks??


An N95 mask is a widely-used, shortened name for an N95 breathing mask, which is an effective, safe, and affordable particulate-filter respirator that performs the same functions as many of the hard-to-find and more expensive full-face mask respirators. The N95 Mask is made by the NCE Company (now called NCEVA), a part of the European Union. Since its release in the U.S. market in the early 1990s, the N95 has consistently performed as well or better than all other full-face respirators on the market. N95 masks feature advanced filtration technology that gives them a very comfortable fit, lightweight design, and very effective filtration capability. N95 masks also feature easy portability and multiple interchangeable filters to meet all needs. An N95 respirator generally consists of a face-piece, a dust/mist filter, a neoprene cover, a quality seal, and a nose clip. In addition, an N95 mask may also include a medical alert collar. Most masks can also be used with prescription-resistant masks, which allow for the adjustment of pressure and airflow to match increased or decreased airflow requirements. This eliminates the need to make frequent adjustments during an asthma attack. So in this article, we will discuss the things you should consider while buying your N95 masks. But before we start this article you should know about some important things about these masks for effective usage.

N95 mask

Things you should know about N95 and KN95 Masks:

Not Reusable- KN95 and N95 are not considered for reuse, Re-usage of N95 can be extremely dangerous for people who are using it every day for weeks. And it is considered that the N95 provides the best protection for only two to three days whereas KN95 are also advised to be worn for one time only but if you wash it with proper ethanol and dry it. It can help you with effective filtration as well.

Things to consider while buying an N95 MASKS:

1)Quality- There are two manufacturers of high quality N95s – Thermo-Flexic and Volant. Thermo-flexic is considered the market leader, but both companies produce very good N95s. The most important thing to look for in a N95s are tight seal and full sealing. Thermo-flexic masks come in three standard facings – half shell, full shell, and nose pad. All these are important when selecting a respirator.

2)Fitting- Another important aspect of the best N95s is how well they fit. Most modern N95s come with an adjustable chin strap, but some older models may have only one strap. Make sure that your respirator fits properly, since if it doesn’t your head will likely get overheated. Overheating of the face can lead to discomfort or injury, especially around the temples. Some people suffer from headaches when their respirators don’t fit properly, so this could be a problem.A popular method used to determine the fit of a new N95 mask is the fit test. You first place the mask on your face, making sure that the straps stay snugly secured behind your head. Then you open your mouth, making sure that there is no air leaking out.

3)Easiness-Finally, close your mouth, and listen to whether or not the mask clings to your face.The fit test is a great way to test the efficacy of new N95s, but it isn’t the most reliable method. The reason for this is that it doesn’t take very much pressure to flatten the mask flat against your face. The problem is that the pressure can go in either one of two directions: up and down or sideways. If the force that pushes your head down is in line with the force that pulls your hair back up, the fabric mask is perfectly fitted.

4)Provides Protection from smoke and dust A benefit of the N95 mask, specifically of the nonwoven variety, is that it provides protection against particulates such as smoke and dust. Since the vast majority of N95s are constructed from a moisture-absorbing polyamide fabric (the same material used to make fabrics such as fleece and Terry cloth), there is little need to concern oneself with particles becoming trapped in the fabric due to low water column height pressure. Due to this property, the typical N95 will not leak nor become compromised by particles of smoke or other airborne irritants. It is also important to note that N95s do not contain vinyl or other materials that can trap air between its exterior and interior, thereby reducing condensation within the mask.

So Should you go For N95 Masks:

It is obvious that the former features a superior style when compared the N95 masks with the others. This is presumably because more powerful ventilation is allowed by the specification. The hoods from the same manufacturer, however, have superior performance. Determining which one is superior is challenging. To finish, the most important.

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