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If you are a good writer, and you know how to write for us, this is the perfect opportunity for you to help us out with our blog. You can write for us about things that you are familiar with, or topics that you are very passionate about. The best part is, you will get paid to do it. We need people on our team who write regularly, and who understand how to use the blog to its full potential. When you write for us, you will be helping us improve our content and grow our audience as well.

If you have never written for us before, please read more about it first. We are an editorial board, and each of us has our own editorial guidelines. We are looking for some regular authors who would like to contribute to our editorial team.

We appreciate your participation in our website but, be sure the following guidelines to avoid google plenty.

  • Articles submitted to the Vents About website can not be republished on any third-celebration sites.
  • Articles have to be informative, comprehensible, and attractive to our target audience.
  • Word count on the submitted articles to be around 900-1500 words.
  • Use subheads and bullet points to emphasize key points for our readers’ convenience, and for better search ability.
  • We don’t accept posts that might be supposed to sell websites, products, services, or any debatable opinions.
  • Include wonderful photographs in your submissions and cite the source. Images need to be in .JPEG/.PNG report layout and be of this dimension – 804 (height) x 350 (width) pixels.
  • You can add one link within the body text. The link should be to a relevant article, research, or study.
  • Make certain the hyperlink you mention isn’t always promotional or a hyperlink to the domain page of your website. 
  • A brief author description (most 75 words) about yourself, your company, and your expert background ought to accompany your post.
  • Linking guest posts to your blog or social media websites along with Facebook and Twitter is permitted.
  • Submit an article most effective if it is applicable, meets our guidelines, and is of use to our audience. (ventsabount at Gmail dot com or visit our contact us page.)
  • We reserve the right to reject any submission based totally on our discretion.

Thanks and Regards

Team Vents About

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