What Is EMF And Why Is It Important?

Around 60% of American’s say they wake up feeling tired each day.

Tiredness, among other symptoms, is a crucial indicator of toxicity from electromagnetic fields (EMF). But what is EMF exposure? This type of radiation is produced anywhere electricity is used including, power lines, cellphones, Wi-Fi routers, and microwaves.

Unless you live in a remote area without access to electricity, escaping EMF radiation is an unrealistic feat. But, it’s time to learn the facts if you’re noticing new symptoms or you’re concerned about health issues.

Read on to learn the truth about EMF.

What Is EMF Radiation?

We can be exposed to two types of EMF: high-frequency and low- to mid-frequency.

High-frequency EMF is an ionizing type of radiation. This type of radiation damages DNA and other cellular processes; exposure to high-frequency EMF is linked to cancers and other degenerative diseases.

The primary sources of high-frequency EMF are X-ray and CT scanning, tanning beds, and prolonged sun exposure.

The second type of EMF radiation is low- to mid-frequency. This is the type of radiation you’re exposed to every day and is nearly impossible to avoid. All electrical devices such as power lines, cell phones, hairdryers, and electrical wiring give off this radiation.

However, the exposure risks aren’t as severe; this radiation is non-ionizing and less harmful to humans. Although it’s less dangerous, we’re still exposed to a vast amount in the home and out, so it can still cause adverse health effects.

What Are the Symptoms of EMF Toxicity?

Research into the symptoms of EMF toxicity is ongoing, and there is no clear consensus yet. Many studies suggest strong links to health conditions, but there is no official warning yet.

However, the symptoms monitored in this research and anecdotal reports of symptoms include:

  • Fatigue
  • Poor sleep
  • Concentration difficulties
  • Memory problems
  • Chronic headaches
  • Tremors
  • Dizziness or vertigo
  • Development of glioma
  • Development of leukemia
  • Development of other cancers

How to Protect Yourself From EMF Toxicity

The problem with EMF toxicity is that it’s nearly impossible to remove yourself from the situation; EMF radiation surrounds you every day, no matter where you are.

But if you’re worried about EMF radiation, you can help by limiting your use of electronics and turning off unused gadgets wherever possible. You’d be surprised how much you can change EMF levels in your house just by switching off electronics. You can measure this using an EMF detector.

If you want to protect yourself further, providers like offer EMF detectors, EMF-resistant paint, bed canopies, and clothing.

What Is EMF? The Dangerous Truth

No more wondering, ‘what is EMF?’; now you know. Despite not being able to escape the EMF radiation of the 21st century, you can protect yourself by being aware of the dangers.

Keep EMF radiation in your home to a minimum, and wherever possible, limit your exposure while you’re out.

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