What Are The Types Of Conditions Treated In An LTAC Facility?

Long-term acute care facilities are put up to accommodate those who still need treatment after coming out from the intensive care units. In this facility, they can recover and they can be taken care of by nurses who specialize in their cases. LTAC nurses in Alabama are trained and skilled enough to take care of patients with the following condition:

Prolonged Ventilator Use Or Weaning

Most patients that are released from ICU are still dependent on ventilators so they need to continue using one, to be able to cover this need they are admitted to LTAC facilities and this is where they continue to recover by using ventilators. Weaning of ventilators is also done on patients once they have shown improvement. Most of the patients in the LTAC facility have concerns about the difficulty of breathing so they need ventilators. 

Complications Following Surgery

Complications after surgery are unavoidable sometimes and patients need a longer time to recover. Patients with these cases are recommended to stay in LTAC facilities so they can be observed continuously on their condition. There are several tests and procedures to be done to determine the care the patients need after surgery, in LTAC nurses can get the specific care they need. 

Complex Wound Care/Care For Burns

Some of the patients in LTAC can have a deep wound caused by several reasons or some may have a really bad burn. These kinds of conditions need close monitoring and continuous cleaning and dressing of wounds to have a faster recovery, that’s why they are sent to LTAC facilities. 

Post-Intensive Care Syndrome

LTAC is the best place for patients that are to be released from post-intensive care. Since they have shown improvement but still need to be taken care of since they are not yet capable of taking care of themselves then they are placed in LTAC facilities. 

Multi-Organ Or Multi-System Failure

Such conditions can be fatal if not addressed properly, patients with these conditions can be taken care of well in LTAC facilities since they have the right and proper equipment to assist patients who need support for their organ or system failure. This condition can be caused by an underlying condition.

Traumatic Or Acquired Brain Injury

The brain is one of the most vulnerable organs in the body, that’s why none suffers from trauma or injury immediate action is needed and the curing process can be long. Patients who have these conditions need to be monitored to know the proper treatment and LTAC facility can be best for them. Since some may have inherited the condition, it takes a longer time to know what has to be done. 

Multiple Chronic Conditions

Patients with multiple chronic conditions need to be monitored closely since their condition can be triggered by anything, therefore they need someone to take care of them and assist them every time their condition worsens. 

What Are The Criteria For Admission To A LTAC Unit?

  1. Patients should submit a document and medical history that their condition requires a complicated course of recovery and prolonged hospitalization. The records are verified by medical heads. 
  2. Patients should also have the following illnesses or conditions to be admitted to LTAC facilities:
  • Prolonged ventilator use or weaning
  • Complications following surgery
  • Complex wound care/care for burns
  • Post-intensive care syndrome
  • Multi-organ or multi-system failure
  • Traumatic or acquired brain injury
  • Multiple chronic conditions

So What are the types of conditions treated in an LTAC facility? They are stated above and you can talk to your doctor if you have a patient that is suffering from the list of the above illnesses or conditions. LTAC facilities are designed to meet the demands and needs of the patients who have these conditions. So it will be best for these patients to be taken care of in the right facility. Most LTAC facilities are running solely and or connected with any healthcare facilities so check the facilities that are near you and have a more convenient way of getting your patients the care they need. Some LTAC nurses can also do home care, so their patients don’t need to leave their homes to get the care they need. Contact the nearest LTAC facilities if you need them. 

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