Virtual Private Server (VPS)

This type of server uses virtualization technology, one single physical machine is split into multiple virtual private servers that share their resources with each other. VPS offers server space that was previously divided with a reserved amount of resources which offers better control and customization compared to shared hosting. 

Who Uses VPS

VPS is a good option for individuals and companies whose websites and/or apps have outgrown shared hosting and are in need of something better for their use. VPS offers an experience that is similar to dedicated hosting without the high costs and the overhead needed that goes with a dedicated hosting server. 

What You Get 

As mentioned before, VPS mimics a dedicated server hosting environment even though you share a single physical server with other users. VPS offers superior performance, reliability, speed, and security. The way it does all of this is due to the fact that the hosting provider sets a virtual layer known as a hypervisor on top of the OS (Operating System) of the single physical server that splits the server into different virtual sets.

In these sets or departments, you have determined resources at your disposal, such as RAM, CPU, bandwidth, speed, and disk space, which are not shared with other users. Each of these created layers enables the different departments to run separate OS and software, which makes them independent.

Comparison with other hosting solutions

Let’s make a comparison between VPS and two very common alternatives: 

VPS vs. Shared hosting

Compared to shared hosting, it’s faster and more reliable, but it also has a higher price. Shared hosting has an easy setup and a friendly interface, whereas VPS requires more technical knowledge to be set up, but if you are really determined, you can look for tutorials online to help you get it set up. 

While both hosting types share their resources, VPS resources such as disk space, CPU and RAM are guaranteed. They are in no way affected by other users as in shared hosting where a website, if suddenly high-traffic, may hijack the resources. 

VPS vs. Cloud hosting

With a Virtual Private Server, your data and files are locked and protected from other users that share the same physical machine. As your website grows, it is easy to scale up the service by upgrading your server resources, but the server’s management is more technical for less tech-savvy users compared to cloud hosting. If one of the layers is improperly configured, it might lead to low security, meaning your website might be vulnerable to security risks.

Managed VPS vs. Unmanaged VPS

Managed VPS – With a managed VPS, all aspects are covered by the VPS provider. Initial setup, any installations, and software updates, as well as future updates, security patches, constant monitoring, and backups ready in case of a failure or emergency, are carried out by the hosting company. In other words, IT professionals that work at the hosting company lighten the workload and make everything easier to use.

Unmanaged VPS – The biggest difference with unmanaged VPS is that your website hosting provider takes over installing the OS (Operating System), and you, as the owner of the website, take care of all the different aspects of that server, such as control over your c panel, installation of software, and software updates.

You are also the one that needs to take care of monitoring for any security threats, at the same time installing security measures or patches and fixing issues and error messages in question. 

You are in charge of making backup plans and implementing them for your websites, as well as configuring and maintaining the layers for different websites and different departments within the VPS. Basically, everything related to your server portion is in your hands.


VPS provides access to resources that are guaranteed for you and at your disposal. You get full control over how you manage your own server. In other words, you get your very own virtual machine that is not as expensive as a dedicated hosting server allowing you to manage a website with moderate traffic with occasional high-traffic situations. 

So, if you need a greatly customizable, relatively affordable, and highly scalable hosting solution,  VPS hosting might be just for you.


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