Why Dedicated Server Hosting is Great for Your Business

Are you unsure whether to buy a server or get a server hosting plan? Do you want to look for the most cost-effective option that can suit your business’s long-term objectives? Although purchasing in-house servers is definitely a great option, dedicated server hosting plans are quite in the trend in today’s industry and are used by all types of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) as well as large businesses.

What are dedicated servers and why they are good for your business?

Dedicated server hosting allows you to lease an individual server and its resources such as RAM, storage, bandwidth, etc. Dedicated server hosting is divided into two categories.

  • Managed dedicated servers: Such servers are managed and run by the hosting service provider.
  • Unmanaged dedicated servers: The user can manage and configure all the resources and parameters of the dedicated servers.

Let us take a comprehensive look as to how a dedicated server hosting plan can benefit your business:

  • Cost-effective investment

    Opting for Dedicated servers may not be the cheapest alternative but they can definitely benefit you as your business grows and the workload increases. If you buy in-house servers then you would have to spend extra on their maintenance. Dedicated servers eliminate this extra cost while offering all the perks of an in-house server.
  • Outstanding performance

    Dedicated servers give you access to high-end CPU, memory, storage and other resources on a private platform where you can run your website efficiently and experience reliable and seamless performance. These dedicated servers can operate actively at great capacity and handle large amounts of internet traffic, without experiencing any significant downtime or performance lag.
  • Scalable configuration

    A dedicated server hosting plan provides you with the flexibility to upgrade your server resources and parameter as per your escalating business requirements thereby opening more avenues for your business and boosting profits. You can upgrade your existing dedicated server plan by contacting your service provider.
  • High bandwidth

    Unlike other types of server hosting plans, a dedicated server hosting plan features high and reliable bandwidth that facilitates smooth website functioning and can easily handle unpredicted traffic spikes. Be it a normal workload or heavy workload, you will receive stable bandwidth, and your website visitors can pleasantly surf your website.
  • Easy customization

    Administrators have complete freedom to manage and monitor their dedicated server and they can customize its parameters and settings to suit their specific business requirements. Under a dedicated server hosting plan, you can modify your server’s environment at your will and improve the efficiency of your operations.
  • Security

    Malicious cyber-attacks are executed to steal and corrupt your private data. Such an attack could take your website down and hinder its performance. Dedicated servers offer high levels of data security. Your server resources are not shared with anyone else and only you can access them. They also come with many other advanced security features and protocols that can keep your system safe.
  • Unique IP address

    Unlike shared hosting plans where you have to share the server resources and the IP address with other users, dedicated server hosting plans give you your own exclusive IP address. This unique IP address protects your website from external threats and affected servers but in a shared hosting plan, multiple users might experience such faults. You can also get an SSL certificate for your website.


After thoroughly discussing the benefits of getting a dedicated server hosting plan, I think you will be able to make an informed decision. Dedicated servers can help you save money on maintenance and provide you with simple management tools. Their scalability allows you to adapt the servers to your business’s rapidly growing demands. If you are looking to revamp your profits and operations, do check out dedicated server hosting plans.

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