Work Hazards in New York State

A safety task force that visited 46 construction sites in New York City between June 23, 2008, and July 3, 2008, completed 96 safety inspections and published its findings in 2008. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is responsible for overseeing workplace safety.

129 infractions totaling $247,000 in fines were the outcome of the two-week increased enforcement campaign, for which OSHA delivered citations to 60 contractors. OSHA issued violations for the following breaches among its 25 categories:

  • Scaffolds (17)
  • Cranes and rigging (13)
  • Welding/gas (10)
  • Fall hazards (39)
  • Electrical safety (29)

New York OSHA Violations: Fall Protection, Construction

One of the most frequent OSHA violations in New York and a major contributor to catastrophic occupational fatalities and injuries nationwide are falls. These slips and falls may happen from high workstations, from platforms above, or through cracks in the walls and flooring.

All general industry work done at a height of four feet or higher, as well as any construction industry activity done at a height of six feet, on a construction site, requires some sort of fall protection. Fall prevention examples include:

  • Toe boards
  • Safety nets
  • Safety harnesses
  • Guard rails
  • Handrails

Employers must also implement these safety measures when working near hazardous machinery and equipment, per OSHA regulations. Workplaces should have dry, clean floors and be risk-free. Workers should receive training at no cost and safety devices should be given.

Powered Industrial Trucks

The majority of industries use powered industrial trucks, commonly known as forklifts, in some capacity. Materials are transported by means of these strong machinery. Among the most frequent forklift mishaps are:

• A forklift runs over or knocks down a worker.

• Forklift overturns

• A worker is pinned between two cars.

• A forklift and then another object collide, crushing the worker.

New York OSHA 10-Hour Construction

The training aims to inform new hires about the health and safety risks present on construction sites. The New York Department of Buildings (DOB) has approved the Actively Proctored Online Training Requirements of New York City Site Safety Training (SST) Local Law 196 and the New York OSHA 10 Hour Course contains a declaration. The NY 10-Hour Construction course also comes with a Work Aid (study guide) and an OSHA DOL pocket card, which are provided to students after they pass the test.

Many managers in New York who work in the building industry, construction, and other similar sectors demand that their employees complete OSHA Outreach training. This training ensures that employees are prepared to identify and avert unforeseen hazards at work.

OSHA Guidelines

The goal of OSHA is to guarantee secure working conditions. OSHA establishes extremely broad and general laws that are required to be followed by most firms, as well as more particular standards for certain industries, ranging from cosmetology to construction and beyond.

Beyond ensuring that criteria are met and that workers are safe, receiving OSHA training provides advantages. It results in happier, healthier workers who are more relaxed, which boosts productivity. It improves morale while lowering turnover and the time and money required to find and train replacements. It decreases the amount of time productive employees spend off the workplace owing to illness and injury.

Who Needs New York OSHA 30-Hour Construction Training?

NY OSHA 30-Hour Training is beneficial for a variety of workers in New York, such as those in construction, building development and other related fields. Some examples of workers include safety directors, foremen, field supervisors, superintendents, safety specialists, or anyone who works in the construction industry.


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