The Cloud of Daggers 5e: A Guide to an Underrated powerful spell

There are a number of misunderstandings concerning the spell. In order to clarify things, this guide was put together to address all of your queries. The Cloud of Daggers 5e is not just strong but also undervalued.

The Cloud of Daggers conjuration spell enables you to build a wall of stationary daggers that may be used to lock out or trap foes from extended ranges. This article will explain to you how to utilize this attack and how it may be beneficial in different scenarios.

Introduction: What is the Cloud of Daggers Spell?

Cloud of Daggers 5e is a level 2 conjuration spell discovered in the player’s handbook on page 222. This magic attack is in the spell list of four different classes in 5e. These four are the bard, wizard, sorcerer, and warlock. The magic needs you to focus and employ three components: Verbal, Somatic, and a sliver of glass.

There are a number of other subclasses that also have access to this attack. There are Sub-classes: Eldritch Knight Fighter, Arcane Trickster Rogue. In particular, the Eldritch Knight Fighter can make significant use of its magical strike.

What happens when you cast the spell

When you cast Cloud of Daggers, a 5×5 feet cube is instantaneously filled with spinning daggers on either side. The cube and daggers are focused on the spot of your choice within 60 feet range.

Whenever a creature moves into the area of the cubes, the creature receives 4d4 cutting damage. Nevertheless, it only receives damage if it is the first time on a turn or if the creature begins its turn inside the cube.

Like Fireball, the damage may be raised by putting the spell in a higher slot. Doing so will boost the damage output by 2d4 for every slot above the 2nd.

Notice that this is all guaranteed damage. There is no saving throw to halve the harm of Cloud of Daggers, and hence a creature will always receive the full 4d4 slicing damage. This effect is akin to Magic Missile. The magic missiles also injure the victim without the opportunity of rolling a hit or saving a throw.

  • Concentration
  • 60 seconds
  • 3 components
  • 4x4d damage
  • 2d4 every slot above 2
  • Level 2 conjuration spell

Advantages and disadvantages

So, how can we utilise this spell to its maximum potential? To answer that issue in a meaningful way, we need first evaluate the pros, and drawbacks Clouds of Daggers possesses.


1) The cloud of daggers spell may be performed rapidly – it doesn’t take too many seconds before the spell’s effects are visible to the caster.

2) It is great for individuals who want some vital protection at their disposal. Even more so if you don’t want to spend too much time preparing.


1) Cloud of daggers 5e is a concentration spell, and it only lasts 60 seconds, which is quite similar to moonbeam. There is no method to increase the time. On the other side, it is possible to lessen the duration by dispersing it or losing attention.

2) You need all three components (Verbal, Somatic, and Material) to use the assault. In addition, your character is needed to be able to make loud sounds, move freely and hold a sliver of glass to unleash this magical assault.

3) The daggers are immovable, so wherever they have been thrown is where they will stay. Thus, you can not relocate them from their spot, and you will need to dispel them and cast a Cloud of daggers someplace else.

How to use Cloud of daggers 5e

Do massive damage by holding enemies in place

Owing to the strong scaling of the spell with your character’s level, Cloud of Daggers is the DnD spell that causes the most damage to a single target in 5e.

To get this output, you need to maintain your objective in place. You may achieve this by grabbing a target and holding it in the cube of daggers or using a web to hold the monster in place. As the victim begins its turn in the cube packed with whirling daggers, it will receive a guaranteed 4×4 slashing magical damage.

Locking off an escape route

Owing to the 60 feet range of the spell, you may easily hurl a cloud of daggers behind your adversaries. This approach is effective when you are in a fight in a corridor or a cave.

Imagine you facing a horde of goblins or skeletons and zombies that attempt to flee. When you perform this 5x5x5 spell behind them, they have no option but to go through the wall of blades and receive severe damage to their Health Points.

Combine it with Eldritch blast

Cloud of daggers is one of the strongest level 2 spells a Warlock may have in 5e. Your warlock may combine this attack with the versions of the Eldritch blast. Secondly, you use the Agonizing Blast as your additional action while you have the accelerated spell. Next, you employ the spell Repelling Blast to blast your victim in the Cloud of daggers you have put up.

The monster will receive damage from the daggers during its turn. Then, after the monster has left the daggers by running away from you, just cast Grip of Hadar to bring the beast back into your cube of blades.

Conclusion: Cloud of daggers

Cloud of Daggers is a fantastic spell that is rarely given the recognition it deserves. This magic strike is frequently underestimated and forgotten, yet it’s extremely potent. D&D players should seriously consider adding this 2nd-level conjuration spell to their spellbook.

The Cloud of Daggers spell may be employed in a multitude of circumstances, including closing off a region and dealing with hoards of mindless undead. In addition, it may be deployed to flee fight or run from an adversary to allow the caster additional time to recover themselves.

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