5 Things to Know Before Getting a Commercial Security Camera

Commercial locations are always at risk of theft and damage. This is true if you’re in the rurals, suburban locations, or on a big city main street What can you do about it? Commercial security camera systems are known deterrents to crime. They don’t eliminate it, but most people think twice if they know they’re being recorded. At the very least, you can get identification and maybe a conviction based on video evidence.

How can you choose one among all the security systems out there?

We’ve got the five tips for installing a security system a success. Keep reading to find out what they are.

1. Buy A Camera Resolution For Your Needs

Any commercial security camera system should provide HD streaming at a minimum. These CCTV Cameras can help you to get a clear picture, but also allow you to record enough video without overloading your storage system.

Cameras with variable resolution can help you fine-tune your system for your needs. The same issues of recording in 4k on mobile devices also afflict security systems. 4K eats up about 400 MB per minute of video recording.

Although, having too low of resolution can result in a grainy or indistinct video that won’t get anyone identified, let alone convicted, for a crime.

2. Try to Build It For Scalability

You want to make your system scalable. Part of the way you can do that is by recording at an acceptable resolution that doesn’t fill your hard drives in an hour or two.

Second, make sure that the cameras you use can be networked and connected to a central server. This is true for wired and wireless cameras alike. A central computer server that can handle multiple streams is a must.

A central server rack dedicated to expandable memory, storage, and computational power is a must for scalability. A cloud server can also work, if you’re low on space for server racks, or would rather outsource the physical IT.

3. Make Sure It Has an Uninterruptible Power Source

Whatever the case, make sure that your servers and your cameras themselves have an uninterruptible power source. Power outages and brownouts are prime-time for burglars and robberies.

Not only are lights out, but cameras that are infrared enabled will help during this time. That is all meaningless, though, if the cameras and servers are offline.

In addition to the main power source, ensure you have battery backup for each individual camera if possible.

If individual batter backup isn’t possible, or you don’t want to do that kind of maintenance, a dedicated backup generator or large battery system for the cameras will help to keep 24/7 operation going.

4. Get a Timeline for Installation

Find out how long the installation process will take for your new system. It needs to be a simple enough system that as blind spots and problem areas are identified you can expand or reconfigure it.

Downtime is time that you’re not secured. If it takes considerable time to modify or expand your commercial security camera system, you might want to think about a different one.

5. Make Sure It Integrates With Your Existing IT

IT is expensive and you’ll want to find a system that already integrates well with your existing setup. As we’ve already mentioned, you might need to invest a little for more storage, but you shouldn’t have to purchase completely new equipment.

Another option is cloud server storage, but that needs constant, considerable bandwidth. Whichever option you choose, you don’t want to end up losing more resources from your new security camera system than robbers would have taken.

Know-It-All: Commercial Security Camera

Feeling a bit like a know-it-all when it comes to commercial security camera systems now? We’re happy that you are sure and confident about your choices now. Every commercial property needs security, and commercial security cameras are an integral part of your legal and physical protection.

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