3 Label Making Tips for Stylish Product Packaging

Over the next five years, the global label making industry is expected to grow by over 4%. As this market grows, label-makers must grow in sophistication to stay relevant or grow their share in the market. Just how much you can grow depends on your customer satisfaction.

Read this guide to learn everything you need to know about elevating your product and business labels. You’ll find the tips for high style labels that put your product packaging above the rest.

1. Know Who’s Buying From You

Consumer satisfaction is based on how well you know your audience. Whether you run an e-commerce business or brick and mortar store, you need happy customers. The best way to nurture your business is to know who you serve.

A few questions to consider help you gauge how well you know current and prospective customers. Here are a few examples for you to think about:

  • Who is your customer based on their age, gender, income, job, region, etc.?
  • Why do they prefer your goods or services over your competitors?
  • What makes your business different than others in your industry?
  • How does your brand elevate its packaging in the label, color, material, and so on?

You might wonder how label-making and ideal client types work together, but evaluating your customers can boost how well you serve them. Certain consumers are partial to organic branding, eco-friendly packaging, and more.

Other consumers want simple and straightforward packaging. And still, others prefer over-the-top, one-of-a-kind packing with high style touches that communicate exclusivity and premier quality.

2. Consult a Graphic Designer

The best label is designed with your ideal client in mind. Assuming you know your audience, your label-making needs to use the best label maker, too. If you’re not sure what that looks like, a pro in graphic design will.

Don’t be afraid to outsource your product packaging design to an expert. Even if you know what your clients prefer, a design pro can guide you to the best resources around. If you’ve already invested in market research, why not invest in the best expertise to make it happen.

3. Consider the Complete Package

Even with a graphic designer on your side, you need to keep in mind other details, too. Label-making is about more than the product label. It’s about the materials you use, too.

A brand kit with an emphasis on sustainability will clearly prioritize eco-friendly materials. Other brands may emphasize fun, interactive elements for specialty goods. Luxury brands invest in the highest quality paperweight and more to communicate their elegant aesthetic.

Elevate More Than Your Label-Making

By now, you’ve got some great ideas to upgrade your label-making process. Creating labels is pretty easy once you have a clear idea of your brand messaging.

There are more than high-quality labels for great product packaging. Check out the rest of our content for more ideas to elevate your branding and more.


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