Will Lightspeed Serve your Jewelry Repair Store POS Needs?

Jewelry repair is one of the professions known for its uniqueness. The gemstone owners don’t want their expensive and precious jewels to fade, thus visit jewelry repairs every so often. But this business is not one that anybody can run profitably and efficiently as it requires managing several procedures. 

So, a jeweler must use repair shop software to help him organize the inventory, clients, employees, cash flow, etc., such as Lightspeed, as it is among the best available systems designed for jewelry repair stores. 

However, in this article, we will discuss whether Lightspeed can serve your Jewelry repair store POS requirements or whether you should shift to any other system, for instance, RepairDesk, PIRO, etc. Below are the details. 


Lightspeed POS offers several user-friendly features for its users. These include barcode scanning, employee and inventory management, and credit card scanning, making it easy for shop owners to receive payments and manage the processes. 

But compared with the RepairDesk jewelry repair shop POS software, Lightspeed needs help doing physical inventory after scanning a few items. Additionally, it becomes a weak system while receiving purchase orders, and its reporting is too basic.

Customer Support 

For any business to grow, prompt customer communication is a must. Lightspeed offers 24/7 customer service, but their representatives sometimes need help understanding and resolving your issues promptly. Unfortunately, this can have a bad impact on your business as well. 

If your customers wait longer than required while processing the payment due to the ongoing issues with Lightspeed POS you use at your repair store, they might get frustrated and will not revisit your store. 

On the other hand, RepairDesk point of sales software offers continuous customer support for jewelry repair store owners without any frequent lags. Moreover, their staff members and employees are professional and can resolve issues within a few minutes. 


The pricing for POS software includes subscription charges, maintenance, support, and training. And being a jewelry repair business owner, one wants a system with maximum features and reasonable pricing. And that’s where the RepairDesk beats the Lightspeed by a considerable margin. 

The monthly subscription for the RD POS starts at $75/store per month, offering four employee accounts, unlimited invoices, tickets, and customers. Contrary to that, Lightspeed provides its subscription for 139$/, which is way more. So, we can see the RD is the clear winner here, and you can opt for this POS if you are looking to employ a budget-friendly system at your jewelry repair lab. 

Inventory Management 

Managing inventory is one of the challenging parts of running a jewelry repair business. Lightspeed can organize your inventory efficiently by managing everything, from adding new accessories and products to monitoring stock levels, thus notifying you whenever you run out of stock. 

However, the customers have complained about being unable to adjust large inventory. Also, the system lacks accuracy that you can cope with by shifting to another software, RepairDesk. The system is error-free, easy to use, and can manage your inventory in the best possible way. 

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Repair Ticket Management 

It would be helpful for repair business owners to easily track the tickets created for the repair jobs so that they have information about the status of the repair job. Unfortunately, Lightspeed does not offer such a feature, making it difficult to track the repairs. 

Contrary to that, RepairDesk’s point of sales ticketing software keeps you updated with the status of the repair job. Using this feature, you can save a lot of time, which can be used in completing more repair tasks. Along with that, you can order special parts and take a deposit.


A decent POS software offers great customizability whenever required. Lightspeed is probably among the best point-of-sales systems one can employ at a jewelry repair shop, but it lacks customizability options. Also, it has yet to offer any significant updates to the system in years. 

And if you are someone looking to shift your store to a repair shop software offering room for customization, you can go for RepairDesk. Using this system, you can create customized reports and send promotional messages and emails to your targeted audience, letting them know about your new offers and services, thus boosting your sales and client base. 

Final Words 

A jewelry repair store can only function at full pace with taking help from POS software that can efficiently manage its ongoing processes. And Lightspeed is an option you can opt for if you want a system that business owners have long used. 

However, it lacks services and customization features you can only get by subscribing to the RepairDesk POS. Additionally, the RD comes at a much lower price, so you don’t feel hard on your budget.

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this post and will pick the software that best suits you.

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