Tips to Make Moving In Together Drama-Free and Fun

Moving in with your significant other is a big step. It’s definitely something to be excited about, but it’s certainly understandable if you’re feeling a little uneasy. The truth is that the transition can be a stressor on a lot of relationships, including plenty of cohabitation situations that ultimately turn out to be fantastic for both halves of a couple. You’ll both need to bring some considerable patience and also general willingness to compromise into the big move. Here are some tips that can facilitate a smooth and happy start to living together.

Throw Stuff Out Before You Merge Stuff

If one of you is moving into the other’s place, odds are that you may be a little pressed for space for everybody’s items. To make the merging of stuff a little easier, you should both resolve to do a purge of junk items. Only merging the things that you really want and need simplifies the process. Also, it will help you stay neat and tidy in your own space.

Clean House

Sharing household responsibilities may prove to be challenging as you both acclimate to the new dynamic. It’s undoubtedly harder to do cleanup for two than just one. When you’re living alone, you may feel just fine with letting things go until you have time for them on the weekend. When you’re living with someone, you probably want to keep things as tidy as possible even if it’s not practical for your schedule. Alternatively, discrepancies in your respective concepts of cleanliness could pave the way for trouble or even yucky revelations about slobbiness. 

To keep things on a neat and even keel, get professional apartment cleaning services. When you go this route, nobody has to spend too much time worrying about the heavy-duty stuff that goes into keeping your home reasonably clean. With a clean and comfortable environment, you can stay focused on the funner parts of sharing domestic life like decorating, cooking, or pet care. 

Agree on Expenses

Don’t play it by ear when it comes to managing household expenses. You and your partner both need to have a clear agreement. Money conversations aren’t easy for couples, especially those who haven’t experienced sharing expenses before. 

In general, you can achieve more comfortable and open communication when you’re simply honest and direct. Be tactful, but don’t fail to say what you want or say or hold off on asking something important because you’re too worried about being polite. Remember that when you’re living with someone, some of the intricate formalities of rudeness are about to be considerably redefined anyways! Ultimately, arriving at a mutual meeting of the minds gives both of you the best means to express what you expect and understand what your partner expects from you. This can spare you from unnecessary confusion or contention later down the road.

Lastly, when you’re sharing space together, you need to be ready to constructively share how you are feeling. Ask for feedback, accept feedback, and keep your energy positive. 

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