Better Nate Than Ever… The Movie?

Better Nate Than Ever, a book about one middle school-aged boy’s dream to become a Broadway star, was published in 2014. Now, a movie adaptation of this book is scheduled to be released sometime in 2022. While this is not much information about the production yet (as of October 2021), some of what we do know about the movie is listed below.

The Plot

The plot of the movie is supposed to stick very close to the book’s plot. To paint the scene, 13-year-old Nate Foster lives a less-than-charmed life in the middle of nowhere, Pennsylvania. While he has friends at school, his parents seem to always be fighting. Like any middle school kid, he wants to get away from it all. Luckily or not, his best friend Libby is there to help.

Libby knows all about Nate’s dream to perform on Broadway, even though he struggles to get a role in the school’s play. One weekend when Nate’s parents are going to be out of town, Libby hatches a plan for her and Nate to travel to New York, where Nate can audition for a part in Lilo and Stich: The Musical. This is a slight difference from the book, where he auditions for E.T.: The Musical. Will he get the role, or will he just get in trouble? Watch it for yourself to find out!

The Crew

Part of the reason why the movie can stay so true to the book is that it is being directed by the book’s author, Tim Federle. As of October 2021, Federle is listed as the only writer for the screenplay on IMDb. However, the film is being executive produced by Marc Platt, Adam Siegal, and Pamela Thur. There are plans in the works to eventually release the movie through Disney+. There may also be theatre screenings.

The Cast

The names of the actors playing Nate or Libby have not been released yet. However, there has been a lot of buzz about one casting choice: Lisa Kudrow as Aunt Heidi. No other major actors or roles have been released yet.

Anyone who is excited about this production will simply have to stay tuned until more information is released, which is sure to happen as the movie’s release date gets closer and closer. In the meantime, middle school-aged kids are sure to have a fun time reading the book, as well as its two sequels, Five, Six, Seven, Nate and Nate Expectations. 

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