Promote Your Brand with These Eco-Friendly Promotional Products in Melbourne

Promotional products are the best way to promote a business. It generates awareness among the uninitiated masses and helps build a stronger relationship with existing clientele. As a responsible business, you must make a conscious decision when choosing promotional products. If you are out to buy promotional products Melbourne, you will be overwhelmed by choice. Will these products end up in a landfill at the end of their lifecycle?

Climate change and environmental degradation concern people, and thankfully these discussions have moved from academic halls into our boardrooms and living rooms. Be it your employees or clients, people will appreciate your efforts when you choose eco-friendly promotional products in Melbourne over those that would eventually land up in a landfill. Thankfully you have an unlimited choice of eco-friendly promotional products. Let us explore the best green promotional products for your business.

Wheat Straw Coffee Cups

Most of us can’t live without our daily cups of coffee. But each time we have one in a paper cup or those made from plastic, we are adding to the landfill. These reusable coffee cups are made from wheat straw fibre, have a bamboo bottom, and have a long lifecycle, reducing the need for disposable cups. They are 100% biodegradable and would promote your brand and the green cause you have taken up.

RPET Hoodies

Did you know Australians consume more than one million tons of single-use plastic annually, with only 13% recycled? The RPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate) Hoodies made using recycled plastic bottles, and organic cotton helps reduce this waste. Customise it with your logo and brand name, and you will make a small contribution to the recycling cause.

Corkley Bluetooth Speaker

Gadgets are the most popular promotional products Melbourne. People love receiving them; hence, this 10-Watt speaker made with natural cork would fit into your marketing campaign perfectly. These speakers can be charged wirelessly and offer high-quality sound with solid bass. At the end of their lifecycle, there is much less plastic to worry about.

Light Bamboo Flash Drive

Staying with gadgets, you can try this Light Bamboo Flash Drive. This USB 2.0 flash drive is made from recycled bamboo or timber. It stands out compared to ordinary memory sticks made from metal and plastic. You can choose the chip inside with chips from brands such as Samsung, Intel, and Toshiba. Print your logo on the bamboo shell, and you have the perfect eco-friendly product to promote your brand.

RPET Bottles

Why use plastic bottles when there is a better alternative? Encourage people to ditch plastic bottles and make these eco-friendly bottles part of their daily lives. These RPET bottles made from recycled plastic help in reducing plastic waste. The specially crafted screw cap made from bamboo epitomizes the green initiative. You can customise the bottles with your brand name and logo, and they will stand apart.

Aren’t these great initiatives? These promotional products would help establish your business as a trustworthy brand in front of your customers and prospects. By opting for these eco-friendly promotional products in Melbourne, your brand would be a part of the green crusade.


In this write-up, we look at some of the best eco-friendly promotional products in Melbourne. Promote your brand using these products and be part of the green crusade.

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