5 Benefits of Fabric Wall Coverings

Are your walls a little drab? Are you looking to improve the design of your home or office? If you’re looking at paint swatches and wallpaper glues, you may want to consider another option – fabric!

These coverings are similar to wallpaper, but they are more durable and easier to install and remove.

Fabric wall coverings may be the perfect choice for your space. Take a look at these five great benefits of fabric wall paneling to see if it’s right for you!

1. Fabric Wall Coverings Are Clean

When was the last time you washed your walls – or even thought about washing them? Bacteria and viruses can stick to walls as surely as they stick to doorknobs, but you can’t just wipe down your walls with a disinfectant.

Fabric wall coverings are different. They’re tough enough that you can scrub them clean. You can even spray them with fabric cleaners for a quick freshening up that hardly feels like a chore.

When it comes to wall coverings, fabric is definitely the most hygienic option.

2. They Absorb Sound

Some brands, like Fabricmate Systems, are designed to reduce echoes and noise. They absorb reflected sound for effective sound-proofing and improve the clarity of speech within a room.

They are the perfect choice for musicians and podcasters, whether you create at home or at an office. You can enhance the sound quality in your home theater, too!

3. They Protect Your Walls

If you’re a renter, it can be pretty frustrating to find design options for your home that won’t damage the walls. Fabric wall coverings go up without damage and create a barrier against further harm.

Many types are tackable or magnetic. That means you can hang other pictures and decor items on the wall without creating holes.

Some fabric wall coverings are fire-resistant, protecting you and your home from flame and smoke. They even protect against harmful substances like mold.

4. You Can Personalize Them

There are many different kinds of fabric wall covering, from full-coverage to simple panels. It’s up to you how much of the wall you cover!

They come in countless patterns and color schemes. Even different shapes are available to you. You’re guaranteed to find one that matches your taste exactly.

You can even have your own graphics printed onto them. Get a panel with your favorite family photo, or proudly display your business’ brand!

5. You Can Change Your Mind

Maybe after a few months, you like to mix things up a little. Unlike paint or wallpaper, it’s easy to change the design of your walls when they’re decorated with fabric wallpaper!

Panels and full-wall coverings are simple enough to change that you can do it yourself as often as you like. You don’t have to lay down tarps and tape corners just to change your wall color.

Find The Right Panels For You!

With all the benefits of fabric wall coverings, it’s a wonder why paint is still the standard! Upgrade your home’s design now by finding the perfect panels for you!

Don’t stop with fabric wall coverings! Check out more awesome design tricks on our Lifestyle page!


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