7 Unique Ideas For Modern Showers

Ah, the shower. One of the few locations where you can rest after a hard day’s work or perform for an adoring audience. (Who hasn’t used their shower as a concert hall before? It always sounds amazing!)

However, for all its importance, many homes still use the basic builder-grade tub-shower combinations they came with. If you want to make your bathtub stand out from the rest, you need a modernized shower. Not sure where to start your upgrade? Here are 7 unique ideas for modern showers and bathtubs that will turn your bathroom into the perfect private oasis.

1. The Walk-In Shower Is In

One common theme among most modern showers is a tendency towards walk-in design. While many still enjoy relaxing in the tub-shower combination, most folks prefer the more effective cleaning of a shower. In fact, bathing in a tub could pose a serious risk of infection if you have any open wounds. So, modern showers focus being walk-in experiences.

This walk-in shower trend also makes it easier to adapt to a variety of different room sizes. You don’t have to worry about accounting for the dimensions of a bathtub.

2. Relax in the Rain (Showerhead)

Rain showerheads have taken off over the past several years, and with good reason. There’s something inherently soothing about standing beneath a warm, controlled rainstorm within your own home. Some more unique showers incorporate both a rain showerhead and a waterfall spout, combining the sensations of being caught in the rain and standing under a waterfall.

These showerheads can work in almost any modern shower, but best complement those with a focus on natural or organic textures.

3. Integrating Technology With Bathing

If you’re looking for some unique shower ideas, why not consider incorporating technology with your bathing? For the longest time, we couldn’t risk putting too many tech elements near the water. However, now, smart technology is everywhere, including your bathroom.

Smart showerheads can help you conserve water, monitor water temperature accurately, play music, or adjust the water flow. Many of these also offer voice control, making it an easy task to customize your showering experience on the fly. No more awkward bending to adjust knobs in the middle of your relaxation!

4. Go Beyond the Standard White Tiles

Vintage and antique showers kept the classic white subway look or a pearly sheen. Modern showers, on the other hand, focus on creating intimate and moody atmospheres. One way they do this is by using darker tiles. Black and grey tiles, especially stone-inspired ones, are having a moment in shower design. They can create a luxurious feel without costing too much money.

Many more unique showers will incorporate feature walls of brightly colored tile. Vibrant reds or soothing blues can offer visual intrigue without looking dated. Or, if you’re feeling bolder, you can make the entire shower a bright color instead.

5. Modern Shower Design Includes Smart Storage Solutions

One of the worst elements of a traditional bathroom is a complete and utter lack of storage space. There’s an entire industry for racks, shelves, and other products designed to adhere to the walls and offer actual places for soaps, shampoos, and shaving creams. That’s why most modern showers incorporate built-in storage shelves.

However, if you really want a unique look, you can turn your storage shelving into a framed alcove. This not only gives you a handy niche for all your hygiene supplies but highlights them, making them into a work of art in themselves.

6. How About a Shower Room?

If you want to dive headfirst into the realm of unique showers, then why not consider making the entire room a shower? Yes, some modern designers have taken the walk-in shower and expanded it to cover the entire room. This can help you avoid having to clean glass all the time and give you a borderless, freeing feeling for your showers.

However, if you go this route, you need to ensure that you have the right kind of drains installed. You may also need to swap out the sinks, toilet, and other pieces of the bathroom, if not move them to another room entirely. This can lead to some significant remodeling costs.

Thankfully, there are some tools that can help you estimate your costs and plan ahead. Check out this tool for bathroom remodels for more information to help you figure out your costs.

7. Gorgeous Glass Creates a Spa Experience

If the thought of an entire shower room seems overwhelming or a curtain seems to cheapen the feeling of the room, glass walls can create a gorgeous spa experience. Of course, as pretty as they can look in pictures of shower ideas, the reality is less pretty. Glass, more than any other substance, tends to get stained with soap scum, rust, mildew, and a host of other disgusting substances.

If you’re willing to put in the effort to keep every inch of the glass clean (or hire someone else to do it for you), then glass-walled showers can create a more intimate experience without shutting you off from the rest of the bathroom.

Modern Adults Need Modern Showers

Let’s face it: Modern adults need modern showers. We need calming, relaxing, and visually interesting environments in order to decompress from our stressful lives. Whether they incorporate organic elements, practical storage, or the latest and greatest technology, any of these unique showers can make our homes feel like hotels or high-end spas.

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