Phyllis Fierro Biography, Who is Phyllis Fierro?

Phyllis Fierro Biography

Phyllis Fierro was born on 23 July 1960 in the united state of America. She is the wife of Hollywood star Ralph George Macchio and she is a famous American nurse practitioner.

Phyllis Fierro was introduced to Ralph by his grandmother.  They quickly become close friends when Ralph was 15 years old.

Phyllis and Ralph Macchio are blessed with 2 children’s baby girl and a baby boy.  The daughter’s name is  Julia Macchio born in 1992, and Daniel Macchio was born in 1996. Both are followed their Father’s footsteps in the entertainment Hollywood field. Julia is a famous trained dancer including jazz tap and hip hop and also she has appeared in several films. Daniel Macchio is a famous composer and another hand actor. He has completed several projects like Haley & Wrecks.

Ralph Macchio’s life affects

Phyllis Fierro lady is a professional nurse by her profession as mentioned above. She started working at a local hospital after completing graduating in the medical field. After that, when her marriage done to Ralph Macchio.

Currently, it is very difficult to hide private life from the media as the nurse prefers. She is not available on social media and not posted the personal past and present life to the public.

Her marriage with a Hollywood star Ralph Macchio

Phyllis Fierro was 16 when her marriage fix with Ralph & Ralph was 15. The chemistry and social media could not be ignored and both have become very close after their marriage.

While nurturing their love, Phyllis Fierro and Macchio have not lost focus in their respective careers. Phillis entered the medical field, Macchio chose the entertainment industry. He starts the film industry in 1980. At the top of the academy series Eight, that’s enough (1980-1981). Macchio got off to a good start and has kept the pace to date.

Ahead of their April wedding, on August 5, 1987, Phyllis Fierro was in the limelight as media and fans wanted to get a glimpse of the limelight star Ralph Macchio strolled with.

Phyllis Fierro 25th Wedding Anniversary

Phyllis Fierro and Ralph are a perfect example for a Hollywood couple to learn about longevity in marriage. Their marriage lasted over thirty years and is still going strong. For their 25th wedding anniversary, the couple went out of their way to renew their wedding vows uniquely.

In an interview, Ralph said he wanted to take this opportunity to tell his counterparts that it was feasible to make a wedding in Hollywood work. He was full of praise when talking about his wife, whom he says has endured so many ups and downs by his side.

Phyllis Fierro on Social Media

Phyllis Fierro after marriage she was not active on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest because she was not to disclose her personal past and present life with the public. She is very little is thought about her life. Notwithstanding, she shows up on her youngsters’ ‘Instagram’ accounts.

 phyllis fierro

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How Old is Phyllis Fierro?

Phyllis Fierro’s age is 60 years old and working as a Hollywood star and as an American nurse.

When does Ralph Macchio and Phyllis Fierro’s wedding was celebrated?

Phyllis Fierro’s nurse practitioner was get married in 1987 and now at the moment, they are spending a happy life with Ralph Macchio whom she gets married.

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