Different Types Of Traditional Tattoos

Did you know that there are different traditional tattoo types? While each has its unique styles with unique meanings, they also have many similarities.  Here is a list of the several traditional tattoo types;

Japanese Tattoos

This type of traditional tattoo uses thin lines for detail with usually bold outlines. This type is most commonly found in Japan, where art originated. There are thousands of stories behind tattoos with deep roots in history and culture. The tattoos often depict fearsome images to remind their wearer of what could happen if they lose control or break the law. Another common theme in traditional Japanese tattoos is the earth and nature. The images are often based on waves, grasslands, trees, flowers, mountains and dragons.

American Traditional Tattoos

Also known as Old School Tattoos, this traditional tattoo has many styles, including bold outlines with fragile detail lines. American Traditional tattoos are usually one solid color but can also be black and grey. These types of tattoos are generally elementary, with little to no shading used. Since they have bold designs, traditional American tattoos are better suited for large body areas, which will show off the natural image well.

New School Tattoos

Thick outlines with contrasting flat colors characterize this kind of traditional tattoo. Mostly made up of bold shapes and sharp lines with minimal shading, this style is easy to spot on any person. New School tattoos are often done in large areas, such as total back pieces or sleeves. This type of tattoo works well in more significant amounts because the thick line can be easily seen from a distance, making it great for showing off the design.

Black and Grey Tattoos

This kind of traditional tattoo uses different shades of grey that range from dark greys to light greys. While not consistently solid grey, most black and grey tattoos tend to have thin detailed lines and bold outlines, making them stand out better against the darker shades. These tattoos work best for smaller designs since they tend not to look up as clearly when made with a larger area.

Portrait Tattoos

Portraits are famous among those who want a lasting memory with a person or pet. This style of traditional tattoos uses photorealism to recreate a realistic portrait tattoo from a photograph. This type of conventional tattoo is great for showing off an image since it mimics the correct lighting and shadows found in most photos making the picture come alive on the skin.

Realistic Tattoos

With highly detailed photorealism, this kind of traditional tattoo is made to look like it has been drawn or painted. These types of tattoos look best in large areas with lots of detail. The contrast between realism and cartoon styles makes these tattoos stand out in a crowd because they permanently combine two different kinds of art on the skin.

Custom Tattoo Designs

Custom tattoos are also one of the most common traditional tattoos. They are great for people who have definite ideas about their tattoo image. This style allows for unlimited creativity, which can be applied to any design drawn by hand. While you have complete control over your design, consider that custom designs take longer and cost more than traditional tattoos.

Neotraditional Tattoos

This style of traditional tattoo features bold outlines and dynamic shadows that mimic 3D images. This type of tattoo is most commonly done in black and grey with very little to no coloring. Since this style is very retro, it appeals mainly to those who want a throwback look from the 1950s or 1960s. These tattoos are not suitable for large areas but do work well with smaller ones such as hearts, stars, or dots on the body.

To sum up, a traditional tattoo is a well-thought design based on specific patterns and symbols that have essential meanings to bring balance, health and strength to the bearer. It can come in different shapes, colors, sizes, and designs, but those who practice this type of art believe it’s an old way to achieve harmony with oneself and your surroundings. These are all great ideas for a new or your next tattoo but if in the process you might have regretted one, you can consider Austin laser tattoo removal and know more details about your options.


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