Jalsa Movie Download Free HD Poster

Jalsa Movie Download Free HD Poster

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Jalsa Movie Download Free HD Poster

Jalsa movie download HD poster
Jalsa movie download HD poster

Jalsa Movie Download HD Trailer

Jalsa Movie download

Jalsa Movie Story

A hit-and-run involving an 18-year-old girl becomes the hub of a wheel, spinning several spokes: a journalist, a rage-filled mother, a cop, and a system, all caught in an ethical bind. When questions are asked, it is quickly realized that the truth is rarely simple or straightforward.\

A hit and run of an 18 year old girl raises many questions only to realise that the truth is rarely pure and never simple.

Maya Menon (Vidya Balan) is a successful, rich, hard hitting, truth telling and influential TV journalist, with high morals. She hosts a successful TV show “Face The Truth” and enjoys a celebrity status only desired by her competitors, peers and juniors alike. She lives with her son with Cerebral Palsy, Ayush and her mother, and its implied that she has a romantic relationship with her boss. She is at great terms with her ex-husband who looks happily married to his current Russian wife and has a baby boy with her. All is perfect until one night Maya falls asleep on the wheel while driving home late from work, and hits a young girl who suddenly comes in front of her pacing car out of nowhere. She stops, sees another bystander fleeing the scene and flees herself. CCTV camera captures the hit & run.

Maya comes home deeply shaken. She discovers damage to her car and covers the car. Again caught on security cameras. Rukhsana (Shefali Shah),her son’s caretaker and cook, had stayed at Maya’s for the night, per Maya’s request, as she was running late that night. Rukhsana loves Ayush like her own son. She sees Maya very upset, but ignores it.

Jalsa Movie Details

GenreThriller Drama
CastShefali Shah
Vidya Balan
Release Date18 March 2022
Jalsa Movie download

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