Acne Patches: How Do You Use Them Properly

Acne is a common skincare problem, and it isn’t just a teen issue. Almost everybody might have had breakouts in their teens and 20s, but acne can also affect people in their later stages of life.

Now that Covid-19 has normalized face masks, many who outgrew teen acne are experiencing breakouts on their noses, mouths, and cheeks, also known as “maskne”. Fortunately, you can use an acne patch to help treat stubborn breakouts.

What Are These Patches Made From?

The acne patches are composed of a hydrocolloid substance, and it is normally used in the medical field. For example, they aid in the healing of post-surgical wounds by accelerating the healing process. And due to their remarkable healing properties, the beauty industry has adapted and developed small-sized patches made from hydrocolloids to aid acne healing.

How Do They Work?

The water-absorbing properties of hydrocolloids allow them to absorb extra pus from your pimple. And with the same properties, it aids in the prevention of further infection and builds moisture and physical defence that aid in the healing process. As a result, you are less likely to develop post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation as your pimple heals quickly.

In conclusion, these pimple patches implement three primary functions:

  • Absorb extra moisture from your pimple.
  • Avoid infection.
  • Act as a moisture defence to speed recovery and keep acne from scarring.

When and How to Use It

Hydrocolloid acne patches are designed for the final stage of an inflammatory pimple when the yellow pus (pustules) is visible. This indicates that the inflammatory process has ceased, and you are left with only pus and debris.

Eventually, the top layer of your skin will break, which is commonly referred to as a pimple “pop.” Reinfection worsens inflammation and increases the risk of scarring/hyperpigmentation indirectly. That is why a pimple patch will assist you in concealing it, absorbing excess pus, and protecting it from infection by other acne-causing bacteria.

Additionally, you can apply your hydrocolloid acne patches to whiteheads, as they will aid in absorbing excess sebum trapped beneath the layer of dead skin cells. Still, it is not an effective method of removing them, as whiteheads typically occur in clusters in larger areas that acne patches cannot cover.

Things to Remember When Using the Patch

Below are some common mistakes people make when using acne patches, which reduce their effectiveness:

  • Not Cleaning and Drying Your Face Before Use

Excess moisture and sebum impair pimple patch absorption. So, ensure that your skin is well-cleaned and dried before using the patch.

  • Using It as a Final Step in Your Skincare Routine

Some of you may have misapplied the acne patch and covered them with your skincare routine’s final step. This is not the optimal method because the pimple patches will absorb the moisture from your skincare routine rather than the pus that needs to be extracted from the pimple. So, use the patch first when your skin is dry.

  • Removing Pimple Patches With Dirty/Oily Fingers

Avoid removing pimple patches with dirty or oily fingers, as the oil from your fingers may get to the edges of the patches, affecting their adhesion to your skin.

  • Using It on Pimples That Are Still in Their Early Stages

You can avoid picking the pimple by doing this. However, considering the benefit and cost-effectiveness, it is not recommended to use acne patches during the early stage of the pimple. At the same time, it will still be actively inflamed, red, and painful. So, wait until the inflammation subsides, and a substantial amount of pus emerges into the top before applying your patches!

By following this simple guide, you can use the acne patches to remove all the pimples efficiently.



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