Raise the Root: Learn How to Add Volume to Curly Hair

Textured, playful, and full of personality, curly hair is one of the biggest blessings a woman can have. It is very fun to wear and it adds your look a very playful and joyful vibe. Styling such a mane is not an easy job as it tends to get rebellious. Even if most women think that curly hair is naturally voluminous, the truth is that many curly-haired women have problems with the volume. Let’s see why this happens and how it can be fixed.

  1. Change your part

That’s it. The fact is that many women stick to parting their hair on the same side over and over and over again. The thing is that hair will start getting used to being put to one side and your curly hair hairstyle will start to get flatter. One simple and fast trick is to change your part. You will see how you get volume in just a few seconds. Another simple technique is to brush your hair back, apply some hairspray, and then comb your hair in the desired style. This will help you achieve the wanted volume in just a few minutes and it will last the whole day.

Curly hairs

  1. Dry your hair upside down

This is one of the most popular old school tricks. This way the root of the hair will be very relaxed and it will be encouraged to stay up, giving your hair more volume. It is a very easy technique and if you do it every single time your hair. Curly hair mid-length hairstyle can have the full styling process using this technique. Curly hair with bangs will also get that volume boost by drying it this way.

Curly hairs

  1. Use a diffuser

The diffuser can be the best friend of a curly girl. It will help your curls loosen and relaxed while getting dried, enhancing the volume of the hair. If you combine this technique with the previous one you will get amazing root volume that will last for a very long time. It is a very simple procedure and just like the last one, if you do this regularly you will see that the volume will last for a long time.

Use a diffuser

  1. Trick the eye

Highlights and special trims can add the needed volume to any hair texture. Curly hair with highlights and curly hair with layers are some very good and tricky methods to add volume to your hair. The highlights will give more dimensions to your hair, making your hair look fuller and thicker. The layered haircut will make your hair very voluminous thanks to the fact that the difference of length in your locks will make them stack in a very beautiful way.

Curly hairs

  1. Sleep-in hairstyles

This trick is for the lazier ladies or for the ones that want to apply little to no heat to their crown. Braid your damp hair before bed and in the morning, you will have the volume of your dreams. The curly hair from braids will have a very beautiful structure and texture that will last for a very long time with a little help from some styling products.
Sleep in hair style

The other technique is to tie your curly hair into a bun. This trick will make the root volume even more beautiful and besides the fact that it will give your curly hair a more polished look, it will also raise the overall volume. Make sure that the bun is not too tight to avoid any hair damage during the night.

  1. The life-saving products

The volume powders and sprays can give a quick fix and make your mane look perfect. The volume powder can easily be applied at the root of the hair and then gently spread throughout the hair. It will give you volume for the whole day and it can be life-saving, especially during events. Volume powders for curly hair for black women are also amazing because it will not interfere with the gorgeous natural hair color.

Life saving products
Volume sprays are also amazing and they can be applied when the hair is damp or when it is fully dried. Professional stylists believe that this type of product gives a longer effect compared with the powder but they are both great for daily wear.

Your curly hair will thank you for reading this list. Giving your curls the desired volume and texture is not difficult at all and there are many tricks and hacks you can use to achieve the desired look. No matter if your problem with volume is permanent or you just had a very bad hair day, these tips will give your mane the personality and style that you desire.

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