How to Wax Eyebrows: A Step By Step Guide

Assuming you’re just like all of us here, you constantly need amazing eyebrows – and you might think that eyebrows should be raised in the best way possible without having to visit a salon.

When properly trimmed and shaped, brows outline our face and give it some extra texture and definition. Assuming you want to know how to wax your eyebrows, we have everything you really want here!

How to wax eyebrows

Step 1: Heat your wax.

Whether you choose hard or soft wax, put your wax in the wax heater and turn it on, more than just giving it a fair chance to warm up.

We need honey-like consistency, so when your wax is completely melt; you may need to lower the temperature on your heater a tad to reach this thick layer of honey.

Step 2: Cleaning

When your wax is warming, clean your entire face with any oil and make-up. This will prevent the wax from sticking to the hair completely.

Apply the gel with a cotton pad around your eyebrows and on the skin between and around your eyebrows (basically wherever you wax). This growth provides an extra layer of purity to prepare your skin, guarantees a decent wax, and can help prevent some blemishes and subsequent wax stains.

Step 3:  Eyebrows trimming

Using your spoolie, brush each hair on your brow in a vertical design. Use your scissors to manage the longer hair to give it a longer length.

Take only a small part of the hair and cut it. Keep in mind that you don’t need messy or sketchy arrangements so don’t go too far and cut all your hair at once! You can do every hair at a time.

Continue trimming towards the eyebrows and never go down towards the eyebrows!

Step 4: Measure your brows.

Assessing the state of your brows and configuring it is usually not as scary as it appears, and we guarantee that it will be as easy as you make it!

First, use one of your wooden tools and adjust it with the focal point of your nose, going straight to the beginning of your forehead. This should be where your brown hair starts. You can use your brown pencil to seal this line to find out how much hair should be waxed or on the other hand when they are not in contact.

Then, we need to find out where our forehead rests. Using a similar milestone in the middle of your nose, move the wooden vessel under your eye to the farthest part of your forehead. This is where the tail should end.

Finally, to see your curves, place the process in a similar initial phase to your nose and place it directly in the middle of your iris, looking straight ahead. Where the device creates a commotion around the city, this is your curve.

Step 5: Apply your wax.

To get started, use a small amount of Rosin Free Wax and apply this wax around the area under your eyebrows that you have defined. You can have more hair; you can’t pull it back, so keep it modest at first until you feel good.

Apply your soft or hard wax to the hair, and stretch the wax in such a way that your hair grows.

Step 6:  Touch up and Tweezers

When you have completely waxed the area between your eyebrows use tweezers to cut off extra hair.

Be careful, change each hair without fear, and check the shape and uniformity of your forehead to keep things well-matched after all the bravery in the opposite direction.

Step 7: Apply waxing gel/oil/lotion.

For the post-wax bundle, whatever item you choose in your wax pack, applies it all around the areas you have waxed to soothe and clean the area.

Last Thoughts

Waxing your eyebrows at home can be overwhelming for beginners, and as it should be! No one needs eyebrows raised or crazy.

Our clear step-by-step guide to the most expert way to wax your brows is a special way to kick you off, and it’s sure to make the most of your waxing process.

As well as taking advantage of these wonderful steps, our eyebrow waxing pack contains the best basics you really want to get started and gives you plenty of choices to suit your individual needs.

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