How To Prepare Your Skin During Menopause

Reaching menopause? Among all the heat flashes and mood swings, you must be worried about your skin as well, from losing the tightness around your jawline and neck to facial hair.

Seems like everything is a matter of frustration. Like it wasn’t enough to deal with period cramps all these years, and now that we are finally free, we must deal! However, dermatologists are working their way toward creating products exclusive to treating skin during and post-menopause.

Other than that, a few techniques can help you take care of that skin and never lose the glow the moment you hit menopause.

Menopause & Skin

Before we get into how to take care of your skin, here is how your skin reacts to menopause.

– Hormones are the biggest offenders on your skin. With the plummeting of your hormone levels, your skin will start drying.

– Even if you have never had issues with acne, the hormones can cause post-menopause acne. So, it is better to be prepared for it.

– There will be a surge of facial hair, so if you decide to get a Lasik removed, first talk to a skin specialist. Weigh all the benefits and side effects before going for any type of skin surgery post-menopause.

How To Take Care Of Your Skin During Menopause

Here is how you can start taking care of your skin during menopause. We would suggest you start these practices a year before you hit menopause. This will give you enough time to prep your skin.

1. Sunscreen Still Persists

Sunscreen should still be a big part of your daily routine. Your skin is more sensitive and is now more susceptible to blemishes, pigmentation, and wrinkles. All are caused by extreme sun exposure.

So, lather a good amount of sunscreen right before you leave. Even if it’s 5 o’clock in the evening, the shield is on if the sun is up. You can opt for a more nourishing sunscreen as your skin will dry up soon. 

2. Treat The Blemishes

You have to treat the blemishes and not take them lightly. Acne, blackheads, and whiteheads are common symptoms on your skin that you are reaching menopause. Your hormones are acting up, causing excessive oil on the surface.

You can see a dermatologist and get a good prescription face wash with an active ingredient to get rid of oil. However, if you are looking sound, salicylic acid is the best formula for oily skin caused by hormonal imbalance.

You can read more blemished skin care and the clean ingredients which can help your skin dispose of excess oil. 

3. Heavy Nourishment

Heavy nourishment is a must when your skin is going through menopause. Your skin can go two ways since the hormones are plummeting. It can either get oily, cause acne or blemished. Or, it can be very dry, causing rashes and crusty skin.

So, switching to a more nourishing moisturizer should be a good choice. However, ensure that the moisturizer is not clogging the pores. Instead, get something that already has an active agent for clearing your pimples.

Do not forget your hands and feet rather than just focusing on the face.

4. Begin With Supplements & Food

If you ask anyone how to take care of your skin, there is one universal answer you will definitely receive. Skin Care is not just about eternal care but also what you do internally.

Collagen is a supplement you should add to your diet as it helps you break down collagen better. Cologne is the primary building block of your cell, but with menopause, their capabilities decrease; this is why you should add this supplement.

When it comes to food items, add more antioxidants to your diet, as they are great for your skin. 

Conquer Menopause!

With your zeal and the will to conquer your menopause with good skin, you will be able to deal with these issues. Remember going to the doctor for any menopause relating issue is okay, no matter how many times you need to go for clarification.

Menopause is a part of your womanhood. You can’t stop it, but always embrace it with a heart of steel.

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