Wrap your Food items in Custom Wax Paper Bags

Have you ever seen hawkers or food booth shops with tiny brown or white paper bags? These are called custom wax papers. These bags are primarily used for the packaging of food items such as cheese balls, donuts, corn, and so on. Also suitable for greasy and oily foods such as mustard sandwiches, waffles, etc. Furthermore, custom wax paper bags are used in other industries to protect items such as leather belts, shoes, and so on from moisture and other environmental factors such as dust.

Custom Wax Paper Bags Wholesale:

Every Christmas, every food business, mainly, introduces their stalls to publish their food items for the public. They intended to do so to increase their profits and promote their company. If you do not, we will advise you to do so because it benefits your business’s promotion. Bundles of custom wax paper bags are required for this purpose. It’s Christmas preparation month. We offer an incredible discount on custom wax paper bags to help you stand out economically. So be on time in confirming your order, and have a Merry Christmas.

Are Custom Wax Paper Bags Heat-Resistant?

The custom wax paper is coated with paraffin wax. It melts when you use wax paper bags for heating any food items. In return, the bag gets burned, and the melted wax affects the food quality or taste. You can only use wax paper bags for heat-free food items like bagels, macron cookies, etc. Or greasy things like butter popcorn, fries, etc.

Brand Logo Printed Custom Wax Paper Bags Wholesale:

The brand tag is complimentary for every business on the packaging. It will help to recognize buyers’ brand names. We suggest you customize printed butter paper with the brand logo. And don’t worry about the printing ink spreading issue. We use food-grade lamination on these bags, making them safe to interact directly with the food. And not affect the food items’ taste. For drafting prints, we use PMS and CMYK color schemes. Both are highly recommended for enchanting color combos. In comparison, the PMS color schemes give uncountable shades than CMYK.

Custom Wax Paper Bags with Stickers:

Do you want other options besides printing the logo on custom butter wraps? You can use printed logo stickers, which are very appealing. Increase the grace of the custom wax paper bags. You have two choices. First, you can use the stickers on the front opening of the custom wax paper bags as an alternative. It would be a great idea as the customer would undoubtedly notice it while opening. In the second case, you can apply a brand logo sticker to the front of custom wax paper bags.

Economic Environment-Friendly Material from UrgentBoxes:

We always prefer eco-friendly materials in packaging. Eco-friendly materials are safe for nature and reduce carbon effluence, which is poisonous to human health. This could be a good initiative for your business if you believe the same and want to contribute to nature’s safety. It not only protects life but also saves you money. Eco-friendly materials are recyclable and more economical than other packaging materials.

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Improve Your Brand Name with Eco-Friendly Material:

The use of eco-friendly materials also benefits your brand’s reputation. Many environmental organizations and communities are using non-eco-friendly materials to harm the environment. Even most people have stopped eating and shopping in places where they see non-environmentally friendly products & packaging. That trend may get hyped with time. You can gain such people’s respect if you already use eco-friendly materials.

Furthermore, you may encounter approval issues if you want to expand your business globally. It’s because some organizations do not approve business proposals from companies using non-environment-friendly material.

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