Designing The Best Custom Candle Boxes

Everything You Need To Know About Designing The Best Custom Candle Boxes

Do you know that custom candle packaging can take your business to the next level? Yes, it is 100% true. As a matter of fact, the custom box is a great way to promote your brand globally. Hence custom packaging, if done right, proves to be a total game-changer. Therefore whether it is a taper, votive, pillar, or tea light candle, it requires unique packaging. It distinguishes your candles and convinces the consumers to buy them. So there are infinite ways to design and style custom candles boxes; in this blog, we have tried to sum up all of them. What do you think? Let us jump into the details.

Aesthetically appealing custom candle packaging

There is no denying that candles magically light your surrounding. As a matter of fact, whether it’s a fine dining, spa, or meditation center, you will always find scented candles.  Therefore worldwide, the demand for candles is soaring. And it creates a sense of peace and tranquility. The candle’s beautiful aroma, color, and shape require aesthetically appealing packaging. It complements the candle and makes it look ten times more beautiful.  Thus you can use different colors, designs, fonts, and patterns to give it an exclusive look.

Custom candle gift boxes

Do you what is the best way to surprise your loved ones? Yes, you guessed it right. You can never go wrong with fragrant candles. And beautiful packaging turns it into a beautiful gift box. However, there are several ways to decorate candle boxes. Take a look at the following

  • Hemp rope
  • Hangtags
  • Greeting cards
  • Customized stickers/labels
  • handles
  • Ribbons
  • Lace
  • Bows

Further, you can customize the add-ons in your favorite color, design, style, or size. The embellishments amplify the packaging and bring smiles to the gift. Hence if the packaging is top-notch, the receivers cherish it for a lifetime.

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Wholesale candle packaging with die cuts

Candle lovers are fond of decorating their homes with scented candles. It lights up their mood and surroundings. And it influences behavior to a great extent.  Therefore candles always stay in demand, and customers are very particular when buying them. In fact, they have a lot of concerns before the candle makes it to the cart. And for that, candle boxes with die-cuts are the best. The transparent sheet gives the customers information about the following

  1. Candle type
  2. Size
  3. Price
  4. Burn time

As a result, the packaging remains intact, and it needs not be opened. Hence boxes with windows act as a silent salesperson and speak volumes about the product.

Straight tuck end style

This packaging style is perfect for packing or displaying individual candles. Its beautiful and handy style makes it eye-catching and popular. Thus at every candle shop, you will find the straight tuck end style. It is named so because its flap tuck in the same direction, unlike the reverse tuck end. And it secures the candles from accidental falling or damage. Plus, you can put back the candle jars in the box. Hence it is a multi-use box and protects the candle containers from dust and dirt.

Foil-stamped luxury packaging

There are many levels of packaging, and retailers choose the one that suits their budget. However, luxury packaging always stays in fashion. In fact, the customers love them for their elegance and rich look. So do you want to give the custom printed candle packaging a luxe look? Well, hot foil stamping is the best option. The colored foil (red, green, copper, rose gold, blue, silver, or golden) is printed on the box with high heat and pressure. As a result, it firmly adheres to the specific text, logo, or illustrations.  And do you know the best part? Foil stamping is a dry technique that uses foil instead of ink. Hence the results are permanent and on-point!

Sturdy packaging

We know that a variety of candles are available in the market. And they differ in size, weight, and scent. So each one of them needs to be packed in a customized box. And the most critical aspect is to select the right packaging stock. And rigid is the most preferred one.  It is a thick paper board and provides top-notch protection for the candles. Thus it keeps its shape, aroma, and texture intact. Besides, you can order your reverse tuck end, two-piece, tray, and sleeve, or counter display box in rigid stock. And you can customize in eye-catching colors, themes, and designs. Lastly, you can enhance the printed information with embossing, debossing, and filling in with foil stamping.  Sounds perfect!

Why choose us?

iCustomBoxes is the first one to introduce sustainable packaging. We design custom candle boxes using kraft, cardboard, rigid and corrugated stock. Our packaging substrate is 100% eco-safe. As a result, it keeps our planet and people safe. Moreover, it offers a whole new world of customization. Thus you can pick any box style, size, color, or design, and it’s customizable in your preferred stock. In addition, our experts offer free design support that helps you to revise the font size, color, and logo design.  Therefore if you are looking for incredible services, get on board with us. You can contact us via call, live chat, or email. Feel free to share your designs or queries; we will provide a cost-effective solution.

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