Top Tips for Styling a Store Interior

Owning a retail business is a challenge, and there is plenty of competition to worry about. However, if you are successful, this can also be incredibly lucrative and even provide you with the opportunity to expand your brand and open a chain of retail outlets if you want to. While there are many, many components of making your business a success, including excellent customer service and clever marketing, making your stores pleasant to be in also plays an important part in this. If you are getting ready to open your first retail store, below are some suggestions on how to style the interior to create the right atmosphere and encourage your customers to take their time browsing your products.

Consider the Flow of the Store

A good place to start when you’re thinking about how to style your shop is the general flow through the interior space. For example, make sure that where you place your products makes sense, such as placing bath towels next to bathroom accessories rather than on opposite sides of the store. You should also make sure that shelves/garment rails are neatly positioned in the store and are easy for your customers to reach when they are browsing. Give your customers as much space as possible to wander around and inspect your products; if the store feels cramped, it will be off-putting.

Be Smart About the Color Scheme

It’s a good idea to add a splash of color into your store interiors; otherwise, it can make the place look bland. Picking colors that reflect your other branding materials is a good idea, and you could even look at getting custom stencils made for painting your logo on the walls or something else that ties in with the brand, like a quote. If the store is on the smaller side, try to avoid too many dark tones where possible, as this can make the space feel smaller than it truly is. Lighter shades will give the illusion of more space.

Display Cabinets

Display cabinets throughout the store or on the cash counters can also be worth investing in. This is particularly useful for smaller items like earrings, beads, keychains, or other accessory items that might not look great on shelves or could easily be lost. You can lock display cases too, which helps reduce the risk of petty theft in your store. Just make sure your display cases are cleaned regularly, as it’s easy for marks and dust to form on the glass.


Finally, carefully consider your lighting choices when you are setting up your store. You want it to be bright enough that your customers can see what they are doing and the quality of the products that they are interested in while simultaneously making those products look appealing. LED lights are energy-efficient and bright, and they can also come in different colors and help to create gorgeous displays.

If you are in the process of styling your store’s interiors, consider these tips to help you make it look as great as possible and keep your customers coming back for more.

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