7 Impressive Benefits of Business Press Releases

Did you know that a business press release can drive exposure to your business without costing a fortune?

You can literally explode your business overnight if it’s done right. But there is a lot of misguided information on the web that may confuse you.

That’s why if you keep reading, you’ll discover the 7 impressive benefits of press releases.

1. Free Publicity

Having your press release picked up and written about by journalists gives your company completely free publicity.

When you have multiple journalists all writing about your brand, you can see a surge in traffic and visibility almost overnight.

For example, if a journalist for an online news publication writes about your company and then publishes that to all of their readers, you could get exposure to hundreds of thousands of people instantly, without paying a single dime.

2. Affordable Prices

Results-driven press releases are a fantastic marketing strategy, especially if you are on a budget. They are incredibly cost-effective and can produce amazing results for your business.

With press releases, there is only one necessary payment to be made, and that’s the cost to pay to have your press release distributed by a press release platform.

We also recommend hiring a professional content writer who has extensive experience in writing a press release for a business.

Having a DIY approach to writing a press release and ignoring professionals could prove disastrous. Here’s what to know about that.

3. Massive SEO Benefits

A massive incentive to press releases is that Google and other search engines will index it, leading to valuable backlinks for your website and increase rankings.

Even if your press releases do not get picked up by journalists, there is still the chance to get amazing SEO benefits and rankings from them.

4. Reach a Wide Audience

Millions of people get their news from online sites and your press release will be visible to them once published.

This means your brand is going to be in front of millions of potential customers, who may want to know more about you and your products.

5. Builds Brand Authority

Your press releases not to be valuable to your audience and media outlets. If they are purely self-promotional, they won’t have the same traction as they would if they were value-packed and interesting.

You should always aim to educate your readers in your press releases, help them by actually helping them, and show them that your brand is one they need to take notice of.

6. Builds Relationships With Media

By publishing regular press releases, you will build long-term serendipitous relationships with press release publishers and journalists.

These publishers and journalists have large audiences that you can capitalize on to grow your audience.

7. Create Viral Content

Creating a valuable, interesting, and unique press release can quickly become viral on the internet.

Press releases that bring up interesting conversation pieces or include polls and surveys have been known to be picked up by media outlets who create their own pieces around those press releases.

This creates a huge amount of traffic for your press release, and website and creates huge interest in your products and services.

Want More Info on Business Press Releases?

There is a lot of information regarding business press releases on the internet, and it can often get overwhelming. We hope this article with all the top press release benefits has helped you make sense of it all.

Did you find the answers you were searching for above? If so, check out some of the articles on this topic and others in the business section of the website.


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