Hail to the Chief: What Is a COO?

Executives exert extreme extents of power. More than 2.7 million Americans work as top executives. They help companies succeed in competitive marketplaces.

One very important executive role is the chief operation officer (COO). Many companies have them, yet many people don’t know what they do.

What is a COO? What do they do on a day-to-day level? What are the qualities that a person should have before assuming the job?

Answer these questions and you can exercise an executive job yourself. Here is your quick guide.

What Is a COO of a Company?

A COO is a senior member of an organization. Most are the second-in-command, with the CEO being the highest-ranking person.

The COO focuses on the daily operation of a company. They check to see that employees are meeting their expectations. They may take responsibility for the office space, making sure it is a good place to work.

Some companies call their COO “the president.” Other companies have a separate job that they label as president. The COO and president may be on the same level, or the COO may outrank them.

Not all companies have a full executive board. They may have a chief executive officer (CEO) and little else. The COO position is most common in companies with extensive operations like airliners.

What Is the Role of a COO?

Because the COO is accountable to the CEO, their job depends on the CEO. Some CEOs assume a very hands-on approach.

This may lead the COO to assume less responsibility. The CEO may give them specific operations to focus on.

Other CEOs may be more hands-off, focusing on raising money and promoting the company. This means that the COO must step forward and guide the company.

Many COOs like to publish publications with their thoughts. Jasdeep Singh, COO of 3BC provides a good example of this tendency. Singh has written many documents on the cannabinoid industry, positioning himself as a thought leader.

What Makes a Good COO?

Any executive should have good leadership and management skills. They should have experience with leading a large group of people, keeping them to deadlines and budgets.

A COO should be able to adapt to changing circumstances. They should follow orders that their CEO gives them, yet they should put their own spin on them. If the CEO has to step down, the COO should step up.

A good COO will know their employees. They will care about their lives and work to make operations smoother.

So What Is a COO?

A lot of people have questions about how a company is run. What is a COO? They are an executive in charge of a company’s operations.

How do they work? That depends on the CEO who gives them instructions. Some handle specific projects, while others offer support across the company.

What qualities should a potential COO have? They should be a good leader who can react to changing times. They should understand and care about their workers.

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