Why Weed Is So Popular In Canada: The History Of Cannabis In Canada

Did you know that Canada is the second-largest marijuana-consuming country in the world? Did you also know that Canada legalized cannabis at the federal level back in 2013, and each province and territory has its own set of rules for recreational weed? The purpose of this blog article is to explore how cannabis has been a part of Canadian culture and history as well as talk about why weed is so popular Cannabis In Canada.

Beginning of Cannabis in Canada

The history of cannabis in Canada can be traced back to the time before Confederation. The first reference to cannabis use in Canada was in a 1793 journal article written by a French explorer, J.B. D’Iberville. He described the use of cannabis by the indigenous people of North America.

Cannabis use continued to grow in popularity among Canadians throughout the 1800s. In 1859, the Canadian government enacted legislation banning the sale and consumption of cannabis, but this law was not enforced. In 1906, parliament passed a new law that made possession of cannabis punishable by jail time and a fine. However, this law also wasn’t enforced.

In 1923, following prohibition in the United States, Canada began to explore ways to legalize and regulate cannabis production and consumption. As a result of these efforts, cannabis became legal for recreational use in July 1974. Today, Canada is one of the world’s leading producers and consumers of marijuana.

Its Practicality

There are a few things that make weed popular in Canada. The first is its practicality. Compared to other drugs, weed is relatively easy to obtain and use without any negative repercussions. For example, unlike cocaine or heroin, there is no risk of overdosing on weed, and it does not have any serious side effects like addiction or death. In addition, marijuana can be used in a variety of ways that are both therapeutic and enjoyable, making it a popular choice for recreational users.

The second reason why weed is so popular in Canada is its history. Prior to 1967, cannabis was illegal in Canada and the majority of the population was unaware of its potential benefits. However, as more people began to learn about cannabis’s potential benefits, demand for it increased. This led to the legalization of cannabis in 1967, which made it available for medical and recreational use. Since then, weed has continued to be popular in Canada due to its versatility and popularity among both users and experts.

Benefits of Weed in Canada

One of the biggest benefits to buy weed online is that it has been used for centuries as a medicine and pleasure. The popularity of weed in Canada can be traced back to its beginnings in the early 1800s. Back then, hemp was legal to grow and harvest in many parts of Canada. Hemp was used to make rope, cloth, paper, and other materials.

In 1859, cannabis became illegal in Canada after it was classified as a Schedule I drug along with heroin and LSD. But due to its medicinal benefits, cannabis continued to be used illegally by many Canadians. In 1930, the federal government passed the Marihuana Tax Act which made growing, possessing, transporting, and selling marijuana illegal. However, this law was not enforced until 1963 after the introduction of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

Despite being outlawed for years, weed continued to be used illegally by Canadians for recreational purposes. In 1976, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau announced that weed would be legalized for recreational use in Canada. This announcement led to a surge in sales of marijuana across the country. Today, weed is legal for recreational use in Canada nationwide.


Cannabis has been used as a medicine for thousands of years and is now legal in many countries around the world. Canada is one of these countries, where cannabis has been legalized for medicinal and recreational use. In this article, we will explore the history of cannabis in Canada and why it is so popular there. I hope that by learning about its history, you’ll be more inclined to explore its many benefits yourself.

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