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Why should we celebrate birthdays of children?

Birthdays are incomplete without cakes, as no one likes to celebrate his or her birthday without it. There is also a trend of enlightening cute candles on these cakes. Where did this trend come from? It all started from old times when ancient Greeks used to make round shape cakes to impress their moon goddess Artemis, and a candle was lit to make the cake shine like the moon. They used to do this to make the cake look like a moon. When they wanted to send their wishes to the goddess of moon Artemis, they used to blow off the candle. 

The trend of celebrating children’s birthday parties began when German people started celebrating kindergarten parties for their kids on their birthdays. Although these parties were for the entertainment of children yet, there were beliefs that children are more susceptible to evil spirits only on their birthdays for which candles were enlightened on their cakes from morning till late evening before having dinner. These candles were then blown off by these kids before serving these cakes to everyone during dinner. They used to wish by saying “happy return of the day” not by saying “happy birthday,” which we usually say today on someone’s birthday. People started greeting by saying, “happy birthday after the hit of the popular song “Happy Birthday. “

Bakers used to earn a lot of money because of this fashion of eating birthday cakes. Even now, bakers who bake delicious cakes with creative designs earn a huge chunk of money. The ingredients were expensive back in the times of Germans. However, this is not the case in the present time. The cakes are affordable for all, not as in the past. Everyone can buy a cake, especially for children who suit his or her budget, so they should have online cake delivery in noida for children due to the following reasons. 

For saving memories 

People usually find it interesting to see how they used to look during their childhood, and for this reason, pictures are clicked. They like to get their pictures clicked only on the occasions when they dress up nicely. Moreover, they want to save the memories of fun and enjoyment they had during these get-togethers. For all these reasons, they arrange these kinds of get-togethers for their kids so they can have memories of their kids. They also want to save the remembrance of fun they had with their friends. These memories can remain with them for a lifetime. Childhood friends of an individual usually remain friends for a lifetime. Whenever they recall these recollections, they can have the same kind of feelings and emotions. People usually have strong bonds with their childhood friends owing to these past events.

For fun and their enjoyment 

You may have probably observed that you enjoy a lot in a large group of your friends. Therefore the same happens with the children. It is obvious that it is hard for a person to enjoy alone. Human is a social animal who feels happy in the company of others, and he can not live without society. In addition, happiness is important, and one should get some time from the busy schedule as one can not work like a machine continuously. There should be breaks for relaxation and enjoyment as well. There should be a proper balance between work & entertainment. Excess of everything is bad. Similarly, children also need relaxation from their studies.  

Childhood is the time when a person can enjoy the most as children do not have any responsibility. They should be allowed to do fun as they may not get the time and opportunities in the future. They may get overloaded with duties in the future. 

For motivation 

In the case of students, they need breaks from studies. Therefore you can surprise your kid with his favorite Doraemon cake, and you can give him motivation by saying that you have brought this unique cake for appreciating his efforts in his studies. You must try this technique as this is definitely going to improve his performance in studies.

To make them feel special 

Everyone likes attention, whether they agree on this or not. Children want to be felt important on their special day. They get a chance to wear their best dresses and get a nice haircut because they like to be the center of attraction. They desperately wait for the occasions where they can wear their costly attires. 

For sharing happiness 

Some call it a show-off when they throw big birthday parties for their kids where they can share their happiness with others. Others would also get a chance to have a taste of yummy birthday cake. Who does not like to be invited to birthday parties? I guess no one, and instead, they can feel neglected whom you will not invite. You can invite the kids from those poor families in your neighborhood who usually do not eat cakes as they cannot afford the same. 

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