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5 Tips To Eat Smartly In A Buffet

Sydney is known for its multicultural heritage, fresh produce, seafood, and passion for food, making it one of the world’s best places for eating and drinking. The city has over 19,000 restaurants offering gastronomic delight to people visiting the city. And when dining is concerned, many foodies love “all you can eat” buffets. However, many of you must make rookie mistakes at buffet restaurants by taking too much food on the plate or having sauces run into one another, or filling up on bread. So, the next time you are out for a buffet in Sydney, you can refrain from making poor food choices if you consider the following tips. Here are the details.

Take time to check out the food offerings.

You can find more than 150 restaurants in Sydney that offer decent buffets in terms of food options, value, and price. Any average individual living in the Sydney suburbs spend an average of 80 dollars every time he dines out. And, when you spend that amount of money, it is worth checking what the buffet has in store for you.

Check out what international cuisines the restaurant offers. Don’t forget to look into their range of wines, beers, and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. If you’re visiting in the afternoon, you have a wide variety of sandwiches, savoury sweets, and scones on the menu.

You can design your meal properly and make the most of the buffet when you do your recce.

Go for small portions

When you get a wide range of food options, it can be overwhelming. Therefore, choosing your starters can make a lot of difference to your dining experience.

It is always best to go for small portions to tame the initial hunger. You can have some broth-based soup or a salad. However, it will be best to skip fried salad toppers or croutons.

If you are not much of a soup or salad person, fill up on vegetables. Vegetables are healthy and filling, but it’s better to have those not bogged down with oil or butter.

Be selective about your foods

Self-restraint can be decisive as you go to a buffet in Sydney. You must know which foods have high-calorie content. The idea is to eat foods that are good for you. However, you can leave yourself loose and have a bite of some not-so-healthy foods, but you have to be mindful of the quantities.

You get your money’s worth on the proteins. Seafood, chicken, and meat are usually the most expensive items on the buffet spread. And when you have the right quantities of protein, you feel satiated.

It is best to stay away from foods that are fried or have a creamy texture. You can try out some amazing baked, broiled, and grilled dishes and items cooked in tomato-based sauces.

Use multiple plates

One thing that most of you get wrong while eating in a buffet is using the same plate for all your courses. Getting your hot meat juices mixed with coleslaw completely ruins the eating experience.

You can use one plate for hot food and another for cold food. Or, you can take separate plates according to meal courses. Also, don’t feel conscious of making a file of plates.

Avoid too many drinks

Be hydrated before you get started with the meal. You don’t want to guzzle down too much liquid, which may affect your overall buffet experience. Don’t be tempted with soft drinks or sodas as you may not eat what you actually like and could also end up wasting a lot of food.

When going for buffet dining, you can shortlist some fusion restaurants offering a variety of cuisines. Some Asian fusion places offer Japanese, Chinese and Thai dishes. You can also try out ’round the world’ buffets that have some of the most popular cuisines worldwide.    

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