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What Is The Real Estate Lawyer Costs For Selling Houses?

For an estate transaction to go well, a great estate lawyer is essential. So how much does it cost to hire a real estate lawyer? Do you incur additional charges by employing an estate lawyer? Most people who wish to buy or sell homes or property have all these questions on their minds. Therefore we’re here to respond to your concerns. We’ll focus on lawyer costs for selling houses in Edmonton in particular.

Factors Affecting Edmonton Real Estate Lawyer Fees

Three factors generally determine the fees charged by real estate attorneys.

Legal Fees

The amount of labour done by the attorney and their staff in putting together the paperwork required to buy or sell your property directly affects the fees a law firm will charge.

You shouldn’t use a lawyer just based on how much they charge. There should be other considerations as well. You should consider whether you’ll work directly with the lawyer you choose, an assistant, or a conveyancer when choosing a legal representative.

If you pay for their services, the lawyer should be your point of contact. You should also take the lawyer’s depth of expertise into account. Remember that you are negotiating the purchase or sale of one of the most expensive items you will ever purchase or sell.


Most people have the misconception that legal fees include disbursements; however, this is untrue. For the work they do, attorneys charge fees. On the contrary, third parties nearly always charge for expenditures.

The registration of your land transfer and mortgage are two examples of the disbursements you will typically incur in real estate transactions. The City or municipality will charge you a fee for acquiring a copy of this document since property tax searches are necessary to complete your transaction. 

GST (Good and Service Tax)

You must pay the goods and services tax when purchasing or reselling a home, condo, or other property. Paying the GST will be up to you or your lawyer.

Is Hiring a Real Estate Lawyer Worth It?

You can benefit much by hiring an estate lawyer. You can anticipate a simple real estate deal with the appropriate one. The lawyer will advocate for you to obtain the best possible outcome. In the opinion of many, an estate lawyer will increase the expense. As a result, many avoid seeking legal counsel because they believe it is a waste of money.

In fact, a skilled lawyer can save you hundreds of dollars, if not more. The purchase of real estate requires a lifetime commitment. Thus, a qualified lawyer can ensure you receive the best terms. The lawyer comprehends everything, whether reading your home loan documents or discussing the terms.

Buying a house or other property is the most significant turning point in a person’s life. It is crucial to understand the procedure and the accompanying lawyer cost for selling a house in Edmonton. Given their expertise in real estate law and readiness to collaborate with customers directly, Value Law offers some of the most affordable and competitive legal costs. So for any help, don’t forget to check them out.

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