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Fall Real Estate Guide: When’s the Best Time to Sell a Home?

Are you ready to move on? Selling a home either to move to a new space, a new state, or a new country can feel like a big obstacle. And sometimes the opportunity to move doesn’t fall on ideal times.

Selling your home doesn’t have to be a barrier. If you’re looking to sell when the leaves are changing, fall real estate has more to offer than you might expect.

Fall Real Estate

When you’re trying to sell your home between September and November, you might feel like it isn’t the best time for real estate. However, you can definitely make the time of year work for you. People generally consider the spring to be the best time to sell a home, but selling in the fall is a viable option for any homeowner.

The Pros

When selling a home in the fall you may find people will want to buy quicker. They don’t want to wait for the cold weather to settle in and won’t drag their feet on making decisions as much as other times of the year. While the days are getting shorter, you can still have plenty of evening open houses and show on the weekends.

You might be worried that it conflicts with school schedules starting again, but most home buyers aren’t shopping with kids. Don’t worry about selling during other types of events unless it’s a time when people would be more likely out of time.

The Challenges

When looking for the best time to sell a home, people jump to spring because there are more people in the market for houses. You will have fewer buyers in the fall, but again, they may move faster because they want to beat the cold weather. And for parents with kids going back to school, they’re unlikely to buy when trying to navigate that time of year.

Fall is better than winter for the holidays, but you do have to look out for some of that with Thanksgiving, Halloween, and others. With fewer people hunting for houses, there are also fewer on the market, so at the very least you can meet the demand where it is.

Additional Options

If you’re thinking “I need to sell my house fast” there are plenty of opportunities outside the traditional open house to buyer setup. And typically these kinds of deals don’t depend on the season. Sometimes companies are looking to purchase buildings to rent out or fix up and will offer more upfront than an individual might.

Start Selling

The real tips for how to sell a home fast revolve around how you market your home if you get a professional to assist, and where you live. The time of year can play a role, but nothing a dedicated seller can’t overcome. Fall real estate isn’t as busy as the spring, but there are still buyers to pick up what you put down.

Don’t let the time of year dampen your plans. If fall works best for you, then use all the advantages it provides and start selling. And if this helped you with your real estate worries, keep reading for more good tips and tricks.


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