What Are The Types Of Metal Foil Tape? 

Metal foil tapes are a tremendously durable and versatile solution for harsh and rugged applications. Good electrical and thermal conductivity and resistance to humidity, UV radiation, and chemicals make metal foil tape one of the most preferred options for aerospace, military, and industrial applications —especially in outdoor operations.

What are the types of metal foil tape? 

Foil tape comes in a wide range of materials, including lead, copper, aluminum, and steel.

  • Lead tapes. Lead tapes are ideal for masking applications in electroplating, x-ray applications, and chemical mills. They provide excellent moisture resistance, and in some instances, you can use them as moisture barriers around doors and windows.
  • Copper tapes. These foil tapes can be made in non-conductive and conductive variants. Available in unlined and lined designs, copper tape provides a high degree of weather and chemical resistance, making it ideal for application in electrostatic shielding and outdoor communication cable wrapping.
  • Aluminum tapes. These tapes integrate aluminum metal foil and dependable adhesives into a highly robust tape that easily adapts to rough surfaces. With high resistance to vapor, temperature fluctuations, and moisture, the aluminum tape can offer a barrier over heat insulation, such as fiberglass and aluminum-backed duct board. Aluminum tape often used in wrapping to protect against temperature fluctuations and moisture intrusion from sensitive contents during shipping. 
  • Stainless steel foil tapes. Appreciated for their rust resistance and exceptional strength, stainless steel tapes are used in applications requiring a tape product with superior resilience and the capacity to adapt easily to uneven surfaces and corners. Often applied in outdoor environments, stainless steel foil tape resists thermal fluctuations, wear, UV radiation, and corrosion.

Benefits of foil tape

Metal Foil tape offers several advantages for critical applications and industries. Below are some benefits offered by metal foil tape:

  • Extreme thermal resistance. Metal Foil tape offers a high degree of temperature adaptability. Some foil tapes can endure temperatures between -22 °F and 250 °F, and you can apply them to products in temperatures between 14 °F to 104 °F. Unlike conventional adhesive tapes that harden and perform poorly in colder temperatures, metal foil tapes maintain their adhesive property even in freezing temperatures.
  • Extended service life. Foil tapes are made using state-of-the-art adhesive technology, offering thermal stability and excellent adhesion and cohesion. Compared with typical rubber adhesives, foil tapes perform better with time, making them perfect for limited access use like drainage or insulation layers in construction where replacement is difficult.
  • Moisture resistance. This makes tape foils ideal for application in marine settings, where you can apply them to patching without losing adhesion or getting waterlogged. The moisture resistance ability of metal foil tape is so superior that Scientific American once suggested you could use it to make boats that could transport cargo.
  • Harsh chemical resistance. Foil tape has resistance to harsh chemicals, making it ideal in extreme situations where there is oil, fuel, salt water, or corrosive chemicals. Therefore, the navy often employs it to protect windows, seams, and wheels, during paint stripping. Moreover, you can use it to seal anodizing and electroplating applications equipment.
  • Recyclable. Aluminum foil tape is recyclable and needs about 5% of the power for its initial production for reprocessing, making it one of the most sustainable tape materials available.

Top foil tape uses

Here are some applications of metal foil tape.

  • Construction work: There are several uses for foil tape in construction as it can stick to mineral thermal wood insulation, fiberglass, and other appliances, protecting and securing them.
  • Insulation: Metal Foil tape is the ideal insulation solution. It can quickly seal thermal system ducts and protect them against moisture. Foil tapes are more effective than duct tape as their properties is more robust when you use them against the elements.
  • Electrical systems: A secure way to coat electrical cables is using metal foil tape as it is covered with polymer. It is remarkably safe for application in electrical as it is temperature resistant. 

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