What are the entry requirements for the BA hons Graphic Design course?

A graphic designer’s role is to take an idea and transform it into a visual reality. Experts in the field of graphic design investigate and create visual content to communicate ideas.

If you want to start a graphic design career professionally, a B.A. hon in graphic design is a wonderful place to start. This three-year undergraduate study examines the creation, design, and implementation of ideas.

Because more businesses are seeking cutting-edge graphic design for their websites, graphic designers of all skill levels should be aware of what works and what doesn’t.

What significance does a degree in graphic design have?

While pursuing this degree, student can broaden their horizons and come up with original ideas.

Additionally, employers will look for applicants who are familiar with the standards, procedures, and practices of the graphic design industry. Graphic designers develop these crucial skills as they pursue their degrees.

Your goals, interests, and passions will determine the appropriate graphic design specialization. Although specializations can unquestionably set you apart, you are not required to identify your specialty right once. Test out several design disciplines to see which one suits you the best.

What are the eligibility criteria for applying for a B.A. in graphic design?

You should possess the following in addition to the University’s usual entry requirements:

  1. a minimum of two A levels with CC grades (or a minimum of 64 UCAS points from an equivalent Level 3 qualification)
  2. Grade C/4 or higher on the English Language GCSE (or equivalent)

Submissions from students from the EU and abroad who have comparable academic credentials as well as adult students from a variety of backgrounds and experiences are always welcomed.

You must bring your portfolio of creative work to the interview. You must provide a portfolio of your work through email if you reside outside of the UK.

The work in your portfolio must be carefully chosen while still demonstrating the breadth of your skills and interests. Not only final work but also how you build a project from start to completion is of interest to us.

Please mention the full scope of your creative work since graphic designers operate in a variety of media. Please take photos of your work and include them if you are unable to bring part of it to the portfolio interview.

Finally, be prepared to discuss your creative process and career goals as a graphic designer.

How do you choose a reputable university to earn your degree?

Starting with the accreditation status of the schools or programmes they are contemplating is the greatest way for students to select the best higher education institution for them. 

Graphic design accreditation might be useful in figuring out whether colleges or institutions that offer graphic design majors adhere to the standards and practices designed to deliver top-notch education.

Even while mastering graphic design is not challenging, it does require a creative mind, a love of design, and dedication. Employing design theories and principles as well as learning the necessary skills are both essential for graphic design.

So, choose the right school to apply for your degree and start learning!

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