Is Studying Master’s in Interior Design Worth It?

Being an interior designer is an exciting career to have. There are no boring days, and you create something new and unique each day. If you spend your best time decorating your house, arranging furniture, and choosing drapes, interior design is the career fit for you. All you need is a master’s degree, and you will be set for a promising career. However, if you are unsure if a master’s in interior design is worth it, here are some reasons why it really is.

1.  Channelize Your Skills and Creativity

If you are interested in interior design, you may already possess the artistic imagination and skills necessary for being a stylist. But to be a professional interior designer, those skills need polishing, and a master’s in interior design helps you do precisely that. The course helps you understand every aspect of interior designing, you learn new techniques, and you can work on improving your skills. 

Today, designers use AutoCAD and 3D modelling tools to create their designs. And without these, surviving competition is almost impossible. So, a master’s in interior design also includes lessons on using these tools, making the course worth your time.  

2.  Better Pay and Career Growth

You can also do diploma courses or get a bachelor’s degree in interior design, but they are only good enough for entry-level jobs. These jobs offer less pay, and you rely solely on work experience for promotions and raise. But, a master’s in interior design opens you up to high-paying roles, and you are not limited to creative roles but opens you to business aspects of the industry. You can specialise in fields like manufacturing, budgeting, project management, and more which helps you grow professionally. 

3.  Countless Career Options

A master’s in interior design course has a robust curriculum covering art, construction, materials, and industry. So, once students complete the course, they have countless avenues to make a career in. Here are some popular career options:

  • Interior stylist
  • Art direction in cinema and advertising
  • Window dressing in the retail sector
  • Event designing, real estate and property development
  • Design consultant for corporates

4.  Find Your Own Expression

Have your own designs and ideas but are not sure if they will work? Then a master’s in interior design course can be an excellent opportunity to find your own expression. These are not only theoretical courses, students get hands-on practical training to familiarise themselves with design standards, materials, and construction techniques. You also work on projects where you create your designs and get expert feedback. It helps build confidence in your ideas to create unique interior designs that represent you.

To Conclude

A master’s in interior design is necessary to be a successful interior designer. It helps you understand interior design’s creative and business aspects so you can specialise and grow in any profession of your choice. If you are looking to Study Master’s in Interior design course, Pearl Academy’s Interior Design & Styling Post-graduate course will definitely be worth your time. Enrol today and learn from industry experts.

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