What Are the Benefits of Having a Green Card?

When researching green cards, the idea of the process may feel overwhelming. This overwhelming feeling is justified. Educating yourself on the benefits of having an EB-5 green card and the EB5 investment amount may help ease the stress. Here are some of the benefits of obtaining an EB-5 green card:  

Benefits of Having an EB 5 Green Card

The benefits of having an EB 5 visa can strongly outweigh the requirements and work it takes to get one. Here are the benefits of having an EB 5 visa: 

Investors and Their Families

When you invest in an EB 5, you and your family can receive several different benefits. You and your family can apply to become United States citizens after you have been in the US for five years. If you have decided to become an investor, your family members can also receive a green card. Your spouse and any children under 21 that are unmarried can be qualified. Investors can sponsor the green cards of other relatives not in their immediate family.

As an investor, you will have the option to retire, live, or work in any state in the United States with your family. No matter what type of site you invest in, you are not required to live in that specific region. You and your family members can benefit from the lower cost of education in the United States as EB 5 green card holders.

Investors and their families receive the same rights and benefits as U.S. citizens. As a United States resident, you can gain access to several financial, social, and educational rights. The rights can also include access to medical facilities, public schools, health care, social security, and secondary education.

Other Benefits of an EB-5

Investors can gather the funds for their investments from several legitimate sources like inheritance, your own business, and endowments. You can travel outside of the United States with your EB-5 green card without needing another visa to come back. Whichever investment you choose, you are not required to manage it. You will have the flexibility to invest in existing businesses or new businesses. 

The investment you make can allow you to create jobs for people in rural communities. If you need a quicker route to a green card, invest in EB 5 Targeted Employment Areas (TEA) or rural areas. In the United States, you can also enjoy a lower cost of living. Compared to other major nations, the prices of services and housing can be significantly lower in many areas of the US. 

These are just a few benefits for those who choose to invest in an EB 5 green card. To receive these benefits, you will need to invest a specific amount and meet certain requirements. 

EB5 Investment Amount

If you are interested in an EB-5 visa, there are certain specifics to understand if it is the right fit. The EB-5 visa amount varies on which investment you choose to make. Your EB5 investment amount will be at least $800,000 when you invest in a rural area or TEA. When investing in another project that does not qualify as a TEA or rural area, your investment amount should be $1,050,000. Investors should be prepared to invest over five years in the given project. 

You are also required to acquire their investment funds through a legitimate process and be able to show proof of such. Several documents are required when applying for an EB 5. Some of these documents include the following: 

  • Personal Documentation (passport, investment evidence, household registration, etc.).
  • Financial Evidence (bank statements, tax returns, copies of business licenses, etc.).
  • Project Authentication (Regional center information, TEA, and more). 

Invest in EB-5 Visas

Each type of visa application project has its benefits and challenges. When you invest in an EB 5 visa, you are creating a future for yourself and your family. You are also creating job opportunities for others. To learn if you are eligible, you should make sure that you have the correct EB5 investment amount and can provide evidence of where the funds came from. With the help of a qualified regional center, your EB-5 visa application and investment processes can be smooth sailing.

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