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 What you should know about Dubai visa

Dubai has opened its doors to all nations of the world. Moreover, we need to know more about Dubai visas. There are some countries in the world where you don’t need to buy a Dubai visa. Also, some countries require a Dubai visa to enter it. Now you are thinking which countries don’t need a Dubai visa? The answer is GCC countries.

 All the GCC countries do not need a specific visa to enter in UAE. Which countries are GCC? It includes Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Qatar. These countries are also known as Dubai visa-free countries. In addition, the citizens of these countries can enter in UAE with their ID card or passport. Also, GCC residents having a resident visa from GCC countries traveling to Dubai are not eligible for this rule.

The eligible countries for Visa on arrival

There are certain countries that are eligible to avail of visa arrival service. In addition, Mexico citizens (For holders of normal passports only) can get 180 days Dubai visa on arrival for free.  Georgia (For holders of normal passports only) can get 90 days Dubai visa on arrival. Moreover, Brazil (For holders of normal passports only) can easily get 90 days visa within any 12 months. Moreover, the countries that are not eligible to get their visa on arrival, can apply for a Dubai visa online.

The UAE entry permit

It is an essential document to get a UAE visa to enter the country. Likewise, it is valid for certain days depending on the purpose of travel. Your sponsor will obtain this entry permit for you.  Similarly, if you are applying for a transit visa then you will get a permit for 48 hours or 96 hours of stay. If you are entering UAE, it means you have 30 days valid tourist permit to stay in the country. Likewise, if your visit purpose is employment then you will get 60 days entry permit.

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Types of Dubai visa

UAE student visa

If you want to study in UAE then you need a UAE or Dubai student visa. To get a UAE student visa you need to possess some common documents. If you are selected by higher education institution in UAE then need to arrange a UAE student visa from GDRFA. Here’s the list of some commonly required documents.

  • Valid passport.
  • In addition, several copies of the passport.
  • An acceptance letter into the UAE institutes.
  • Passport-size pictures
  • Proof of financial records whether you are eligible to afford expenses or not.
  • Medical certificate approved with UAE government health centers.
  • Proof of tenancy.
  • Also, provide proof of previous certificates.

Note: these are common documents to apply for a UAE student visa. Moreover, maybe some additional documents will be demanded by certain institutes. So, you should arrange all the required documents as per notification. The documents vary from emirate to emirate or one institute to another institute.

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UAE work visa

If you have a specific skill then you can do work in UAE. For example, if you are familiar with driving then you can obtain UAE driving license by passing some tests. Likewise, if you are a degree holder then you can also choose Dubai as a workplace. Similarly, you can also establish your business in the world’s most visited place. You only need to arrange all the required documents.

UAE family visa

If you want to get a UAE family visa then you need to meet specific criteria. Moreover, women can also sponsor their family but the criteria are high.

Digital nomad Dubai visa

With this visa, foreign nationals can do remote work for their employees outside of the UAE. If you want to get this visa you need to arrange all the documents. Moreover, you also need to submit an application form. After this, wait for the approval. If your application is approved then you can get this visa.

Final words

Getting a UAE visa is nothing more than a cup of tea. You only need to fill out an application form. Likewise, provide all the essential and demanded documents. After processing your visa, you will get an email. It’s so simple and easy with the comfort of the internet.

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