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How you can qualify as being medically fit for a Dubai visa

If you want to explore Dubai make sure you are physically fit. Physical fitness plays a vital role to get a Dubai visa instantly. Dubai has various kinds of visas for travelers. In some visas, the medical test is compulsory to pass. If you have all the required documents but you are not medically fit then you may be rejected. That’s why your medical fitness is essential to enter in UAE. Moreover, only a transit visa does not require any kind of medical tests. On the other hand, almost all visas need medically certificated approval by UAE health centers.

Being medically fit depends on the nature of the visa you choose. Dubai health authorities have announced some medical tests to stay for long term in the country. Some medical tests are compulsory for an employment visa. It includes a blood test, and X-RAY for HIV or aids, hepatitis B, TB, leprosy, syphilis and pregnancy. You can perform these tests in the approved health centers only. These tests are compulsory to pass. The process is quite easy and fast. You only need to choose an approved health center in your region then perform tests. Provide reports to your sponsor. It assures them that you are medically fit. Thus, it assists you to achieve Dubai visa for Indians. Moreover, the tests have certain fees depending on the type of visa.

Document required for medical test

The following documents are essential while going for a medical test.

  • A copy of the entry permit or visa renewal.
  • An email or a mobile number.
  • If you are performing this test for visa renewal then an emirate ID card is compulsory.
  • Clear and distinct photos of you.
  • In addition, an original passport is required.                  

How long time is required to get medical results?

It depends on the selection of your service. For example, if you are performing an urgent medical test then it takes 24 hours. Normally, you can get your medical test report within or after 48 hours. Moreover, you can also get VIP results within 4-5 hours. However, the prices are different for a different duration.

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Frequently asked question

May I select after failing in medical test?

No, if you are looking for a job in Dubai then it is essential to pass a medical test. Besides this, someone with an existing visa renewal must be treated in the UAE.

Can I provide medical results from any of the UAE health centers?

No, only government-approved health center medical result is accepted.

Is a transit Dubai visa needs a medical test?

Due to its short duration, there is no need for a medical test for this visa.

What happened if I fail the medical test?

Failing in UAE visa medical test leads you to denial or rejection.

What should I do before giving a medical test?

You should care of your health and eat a balanced diet. Further, drink water as much as you can. Moreover, don’t forget to exercise regularly.  It will help you to stay medically fit.


Everyone loves Dubai due to its attractions and business opportunities. Also, Dubai provides complete security to its residents as well as travelers. In this regard, there are certain rules for workers and job seekers. If someone wants to work in UAE he/she should pass a medical test. Only short-term visas do not require any special kind of medical test. This rule strictly applies to job seekers. So if you are coming to UAE make sure you are medically fit. You can get efficient results in medical reports by taking care of yourself.

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