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Best Water Slides to Add to Your Aquatic Center

Aquatic centers are a perfect place for families to spend their summer days, and what better way to cool off than with a thrilling water slide? Water slides are a popular attraction at aquatic centers, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking for a gentle ride for the little ones or an adrenaline-pumping experience for the thrill-seekers, all types of water slides are out there. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best water slides to add to your aquatic center to make sure your guests have an unforgettable experience.

# Body slide

A body slide is a ride that involves a person sliding down a steep, smooth slope while lying on their back. The ride consists of a single or multiple chutes that start at the top of a tower and end at the bottom. Riders can slide down the chutes in a prone position, or they can ride in a more upright position with the assistance of a mat, tube, or other device. The ride is often found in water parks and amusement parks, and it typically involves a water element, such as a splash pool at the bottom of the slide. Body slides are a popular attraction for thrill seekers and have been known to reach speeds of up to 30 miles per hour.

# Tube slide

A tube water slide consists of a long, winding slide that riders travel down in an inflatable tube. Riders usually enter the slide at the top of a tall platform and accelerate rapidly as they travel down the steep, winding flume. At the end of the slide, riders often splash into a shallow pool at the bottom. Tube water slides are often brightly colored and feature a variety of twists, turns, and drops along the way. 

# Multi-lane slide

A multi-lane slide is a ride that consists of multiple lanes for riders to slide down simultaneously. These slides usually have a starting point at the top, with each lane having a different route down to the bottom. The lanes can be arranged in different shapes, such as a straight line, a spiral, or a loop. The ride often ends with a pool or a shallow pond at the bottom, allowing riders to splash down after their ride. Multi-lane slides are typically found in larger amusement parks or water parks, and they are often one of the most popular attractions.

# Family raft slide

Family raft water slides are large water slides that are designed to accommodate multiple riders in a single raft. Riders typically sit on inflated inner tubes while they descend down the slide, often with a series of turns and curves. Some family raft water slides may feature an enclosed or semi-enclosed tube, while others may have open sides that are exposed to the elements. Many of these slides have safety features such as netting or barriers to prevent riders from falling off the slide. The slides may also have water jets that spray riders with water as they descend. Some slides may also feature a splash pool at the bottom of the slide, which helps to slow down the raft and provides a safe place for riders to land.

# Aqua play structure slide

An aqua play structure slide is typically a large, colorful structure made of plastic or metal and includes several different slides, platforms, and other features for children to explore. The slides range in size and complexity, from simple single slides to more elaborate structures with multiple levels and curves. The platforms often feature interactive elements such as water guns, sprayers, and splash pads. Depending on the design, the aqua play structure slide can be used for a variety of activities such as racing, sliding, climbing, or just splashing around. The structure is often brightly colored and designed to be visually stimulating, encouraging children to be active and have fun.

# Wave Slide

A wave water slide is a type of water slide that uses artificial wave action to propel riders down the slide. The wave action is created by a series of pumps and wave-makers that are installed underneath the slide’s surface. As riders move down the slide, the pumps push water up and over the slide’s surface, creating a wave-like effect. Riders experience a feeling of weightlessness as the wave action propels them forward and downward. Wave water slides are becoming increasingly popular in water parks, swimming pools, and other aquatic venues. They offer riders a unique and thrilling experience that makes them a popular choice for kids and adults alike.

# Looping Slide

A looping water slide is a type of water slide that includes a loop, typically a 360 degree loop, as part of the slide. Riders enter the slide at the top of the loop and then spiral down to the bottom of the loop before exiting the slide. They may also be referred to as “tornado water slides” due to the whirling sensation riders experience while going down the loop. Loop water slides are generally considered to be the most thrilling type of water slide, as riders experience a feeling of weightlessness and extreme speeds. The loop also adds an element of uncertainty to the ride as riders don’t know what to expect as they go around the loop. 

Final Words

The best water slides can help make your aquatic center an even more attractive place for people to visit. From the classic body slide to the newest innovations in water slides, having a selection of slides is sure to offer a fun and exciting experience for all ages. With the right selection of slides, your aquatic center can become the favorite destination for families and friends alike. So don’t just settle for the standard, choose the water slides that will make your aquatic center the talk of the town!

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