Top 5 Causes of Car Accident Injuries 

Everyone likes to own a car that can help them travel from one place to another. Car rides may give you a sense of freedom. Unfortunately, it can also result in accidents leading to fatal complications. According to WHO, more than 1.3 million people worldwide lose their lives due to traffic accidents. The statistics also indicate that nearly twenty to fifty million people suffer from injuries. The injuries can lead to disability or loss of pay due to not going to work. 

Car accidents can cause considerable economic losses to affected people, their loved ones, and the country. A country’s economy may face losses due to loss of work productivity for people affected by accidents and loved ones taking time off to look after the injured person. According to statistics, road accidents may cost more than 3% of the gross domestic product of most countries. Do you wish to know more about car accidents? You can read ahead. 

Causes of Car Accidents 

Car accidents may occur due to various reasons. People affected by accidents must understand the cause of the crash. Each type of car accident may require a different approach to investigation. It may aid in obtaining maximum compensation. Affected people can get the assistance of the best Chicago car accident injury attorneys to investigate and take legal action. Only expert attorneys can uncover the exact cause of vehicle accidents and win eligible compensation for their clients. They can protect the rights of car crash victims and get the necessary monetary compensation. The causes of car accidents include: 

1. Distracted Driving 

According to statistics, car accidents caused due to distracted driving may cause alarm. Unfortunately, people suffer from injuries and fatal issues due to preventable causes. Experts think you can avoid accidents caused due to distracted driving. Distracted driving may lead to reduced reaction time or inability to drive the vehicle in a lane. Ultimately, it results in serious injuries or death.  

The use of cell phones during driving seems like the common cause of distracted driving. According to car crash statistics obtained from NHTSA, many drivers text or talk to others on mobile phones from behind the wheel. Focusing on GPS technology instead of the road can also result in accidents. Such distractions can make drivers more vulnerable to accidents than others. 

2 Drunk Driving 

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs can increase the risk of accidents and injuries when operating a vehicle. Drunk driving may top the underlying cause of car accidents worldwide. Thousands of car accidents occur every year where drunk drivers cause irreversible tragedy and grief to their loved ones and other people. 

Drinking alcohol or taking hard drugs can impair the sense of hearing and vision. It also decreases muscle coordination. A person under the influence of drugs or alcohol may have slow reaction times. It may not work in favor of the person when they drive. 

3 Speeding 

Speeding has become another common cause of car accidents on highways. According to statistics from NSC (National Safety Council), speeding has caused 29% of traffic fatalities in the US. Many drivers fail to comply with the speed limits. Some drivers drive fast due to growing impatient or waiting in traffic for a long time. People running late or in a hurry tend to drive aggressively or recklessly. 

Drivers allowing their emotions to override rationality can face serious risks. They may tend to drive over the speed limit. Speeding can slower the reaction time of the driver. It means they may respond slowly to emergency driving situations. It can lead to an auto accident. Road rage, reckless driving, and tailgating may indicate aggressive driving behaviors. 

4 Running Yellow and Red Traffic Lights 

Many times, car accidents occur due to running the red lights. It increases the risk of wrongful death due to high-speed, side-impact collisions. Rollover accidents occur due to one driver running the red light. Hence, drivers must always look both ways when approaching the green light. Yellow traffic light also poses dangers. Many people may face uncertainty when they see yellow traffic lights. Some people may hesitate to stop and drive away. The delay in response can lead to accidents. It is better to check the traffic rules suggested by the state and try to comply with them. 

5 Road Hazards 

Every driver expects smooth and clear road surfaces without debris, potholes, or other hazards. Such road hazards may lead to the driver losing control of the vehicle. Drivers can face the elevated danger of accidents and injuries when the road has the following road hazards: 

  • Pothole 
  • Crumbling road shoulders 
  • Lack of road signs or lane markings 
  • Raised obstructions 
  • Road surface changes 
  • Slick road surfaces 
  • Visual obstructions 
  • Sharp inclines or curves 

Drivers may require adequate warning regarding the hazards to prevent misfortunes. When the responsible parties fail to provide necessary warnings, it can result in unsafe travel. 


People involved in a vehicle wreck may face hurdles following the unfortunate incident. Affected individuals may suffer from physical injuries and mental distress caused by the car wreck. They can also struggle with financial problems due to not feeling well to work. Many may feel distraught and pessimistic about their future after suffering car accident injuries. People suffering from injuries or disabilities caused by a reckless driver must explore their legal options. With expert legal representation, they can stand up for their rights. They can feel good emotionally and financially with the best legal representation. 

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