The Ultimate Guide to Car Detailing Like A Pro | Tips and Tricks

Automobiles nowadays are a status symbol for people and are used for long road trips, for fun, and to drive for work. You should get quality car detailing service to sustain your car’s shiny look and keep it upright. Car detailing will help to maintain your vehicle’s appearance and make it look brand new. It refers to cleaning the accumulated dust, grime, and dirt from all the car’s nooks, corners, and apparent surfaces.

Suppose your vehicle has been put through heavy wear and tear and lost its original shine and appearance. In that case, the better option is to get your car serviced by professionals for detailed interior and exterior cleaning. But if it is a DIY project, we have explained the easier steps to give your car a shiny look.

Step-By-Step Guide To Detail Your Car For A Renewed Look

Getting your car detailed is particularly important to get your car protected from harsh elements and UV rays and also restore the original look of the car. Although you can take your vehicle to any car interior cleaning Dubai company, you can get your car detailed by following the steps below.

Get The Right Supplies and Tools

Here’s the list of requisite tools for car detailing.

  • Wheel Brushes
  • Safety Gloves
  • 2 Wash buckets
  • Grit Guard
  • Microfiber Cloths & Rag
  • Detailing Brushes
  • Paint Protection Essentials
  • Cleaning Solutions
  • Lubrication Materials

1. Vacuum The Vehicles Upholstery

Detailing of your automobile depends on the current condition of your car. Some vehicles have dirty tires that need to be cleaned first. It is recommended to pre-wash your vehicle exterior to begin with. But in most cases, people start with cleaning the car interior first. Firstly, clean off the dirt from the upholstery using a soft-bristled brush.

Use a clean rag with warm water to rinse the car upholstery, and use gentle hands not to wear out or scratch the upholstery materials. Move from top to bottom for the back side and from forward to backward for the seating area. Frequently rinse the rag and use the microfiber cloth to dry the area.

2. Clean the Dashboards, Floors, & Carpets

For deep interior cleaning of your car, now move towards improving the outlook of your car by cleaning the interior components. To clean the dashboard, you can use a soft brush attachment to dust off the dirt. Apply the cleaning solution to the microfiber cloth and clean the dashboard knobs while wiping out the surrounding areas. 

Floors and carpets of your automobile can be cleaned using carpet or floor cleaners. Various innovative tools can be used efficiently and effectively to clean these surfaces. You can also use the soapy solution, rinse the clean water, and let the surface dry for some time.

3. Wipe Out the Windows From Inside/outside

the same soapy solution you used to clean the floors can wipe out the dust from the windows. Besides the homemade solutions, you can use the isopropyl alcohol to degrease and clean the windows.

Use the microfiber rag to clean the dust in the up-and-down motion. You can use the air compressor to blow out the dirt from the nooks and corners of the windows. 

4. Move Towards Wheels, Tires, & Engine

After conditioning and getting detailed the interior of your car, rinse the entangled dirt, debris, and grease from the tires. You can use the detailing brushes to remove dirt from the tight spots while wearing gloves.

Use the wheel cleaner and a brush to remove the grime, dust, and soil from the tires, wheels, and brake components. For the engine compartment, you can use the water and soap solution and rinse and clean it.

5. Restore Or Repair The Headlights

If your car’s front and back headlights are damaged, you can inexpensively repair them using a restoration kit. Depending on the extent of the damage, you can seek a professional’s help to repair the headlights.

You can use a mixture of toothpaste and baking soda to clean the headlights. Wipe the headlights’ surface with a soft microfiber cloth and let it dry.

6. Correction, Protecting, & Polishing

Sometimes the paint of your car and exterior body needs correction because of dents and scratches, and remove the paint chip. Before that, wash the whole exterior body of your car and pay attention to every little detail. Examine the scratches, dents, and imbalances in the car body.

You can coat the special lubricant and clay bar to notice damaged parts. Treat the car finish with protective paint to repair the surface. Besides that, you can find several commercial polishing compounds in the marketplace. The foam applicator can do this job to get a scratch-free finish.

7. Give A Finishing Touch & Clean Off

As the layer of protection, use sealant or wax to protect the body and make you look like professionals service it. Now’s the time to restore all the accessories to their places, including the floor carpets, rubber trims, and dashboard items. 

As a finishing touch, use the clean microfiber cloth over all the interior and exterior surfaces to remove any left-out dust or mark. Leave the car windows open for some time. Remove all the supplies and clean off the surroundings.

To End Up!

Car detailing can make a car shine easily, including the thorough vacuuming of its interior and exterior. Detailing the car includes cleaning all the nooks and crannies, shampooing the car upholstery, windows cleaning, and tire cleaning.

Besides the apparent surfaces, you must clean the floors, carpets, dashboards, and other components. Disinfect all surfaces and gears to avoid infectious germs. Protecting the trims and wheels of cars also includes in the car detailing.

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