A Huge Boost to Procurement And Inventory Management for those in Hospitality

Nobody in the hospitality industry wants to spend more money than is necessary. A business can be at risk if they constantly pay too much or order incorrectly. However, being able to make the right timely purchases can then be passed on to the customers who return having enjoyed their visit thanks to receiving excellent value for money.

For decades it involved those involved with ordering for a business taking up many hours pouring over catalogues or making visits to suppliers, before making telephone calls which take up valuable time, before then having to carry out the paper invoicing that went with it. The good news is for those in the modern world, is that there is now a revolutionary Hospitality Inventory Management Software that does much of that work in a fraction of the time leading to a more efficient business operation as time and money are saved.

  • Recipe handling becomes more efficient, with perhaps a signature dish becoming the trademark of the business, which can be shared throughout the organisation. The ingredients are the key to any great recipe, with the software able to offer the best prices and required quality from a long list of suppliers, without doing the hard yards trying to manually find them.
  • Management of stock becomes a cinch through the software which can be viewed from devices while on the go. There is no danger of running out of essential items with restocking a restaurant becoming easier, with an additional feature flagging up potential supply chain shortages. Some establishments may have good reasons to choose wholesale seafood suppliers. At the same time, reordering of goods until it is necessary is stopped, preventing produce going out of date.
  • The barcode processing technology that comes with the software makes stocktaking quick and easy, the opposite to the old days of having to go through the cupboards and shelves and write everything down. The system is quick and accurate and when using Bluetooth technology can even measure temperatures and weights so that everything is recorded and can be instantly accessed through the platform offering compliance and transparency.
  • Real-time variance reporting can be set up on the system, which can save a lot of money as any missing goods will be noted. Stock going missing will quickly become a thing of the past, saving even more money. Such satisfaction might allow time for an educational visit to a museum.
  • Optimised inventory reduces waste, along with real-time visibility also cutting costs while the time spent on long-winded administration is minimised so that the time can be spent more productively. Quick stakeholder approval can decide whether ideas for new recipes are a good idea or not, as local vendors are added to the list of those already in the system who are located far and wide.

The margins can be tight for those in the hospitality industry, so any organisation that chooses a cloud-based inventory management system will see welcome savings in procurement, time, and productivity.

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