Does Adding a Driver to Your Car Insurance Policy Cost More?

If more than one person in your family or even friends drives your car, the most economical and advisable thing you should do is to include them in your car insurance policy. As the absolute owner of the vehicle and, therefore, the policyholder, you can add anyone who also drives your vehicle. That person is called named driver.

This is almost the only way to insure several people with the same policy. Although no law prevents several people from being insured in your policy, generally, only the owner of the car is the one who is insured, so this variant that we propose is almost the only way to do it.

Maybe you are wondering how much to add a named driver to insurance? Car insurance additional driver cost more or less?

How To Add Someone to Car Insurance and How Much More Would It Cost?

Auto insurance companies can take advantage of your need to use the additional service of adding someone to your existing car insurance policy and charging you large sums for that. Indeed, that is how the thing is. Anyway, this should not be something that worries you too much. 

Don’t expect dirt cheap car insurance either. However, adding someone to car insurance could cost you only $30 or $50 more. This is so if the person added is considered a low-risk driver, for example.

You will always have to pay either the same or slightly higher monthly rates. The factors that generally influence insurance policies (age, sex, driving record) are the same that affect this particular case.

Let’s see; if the person added to your insurance policy is a middle-aged woman with a clean driving record, you will have to pay almost nothing more. 

In addition, many car insurance companies offer the possibility of adding another car driver to your insurance policy for a specific time.

Usually, these temporary policies last around three months.

How To Pay Less on Your Car Insurance Policy?

Does adding a named driver make insurance cheaper or not? It could be more affordable and, at the same time, more expensive. Before making a decision, you should carefully analyze the type of car you have, the drivers that will drive it, and any other particular circumstances that may affect your insurance policy.

First of all, do you already have a car insurance policy? Adding someone to your car insurance policy, maybe only for a month or so, will usually cost you a little more money.

If, on the other hand, you are currently comparing quotes online, adding someone to your car insurance may cost you more or less. Why? Well, it may be less because you will not drive the car at least part of the time. Your premiums go down if, despite you being a young man, you add your mother (who is included in a low-risk group) to your car insurance policy. This is something very positive for your company and inspires them much confidence.

However, this is not a rigid rule. Everything depends on the agency, the driver, the car, and many other factors.

Who Pays for Car Insurance?

What happens if the two people in the car insurance policy, for example, drive the car simultaneously? In this case, who is the primary driver? Without a doubt, the car owner. That is the only correct answer. This person is the one who has deeds of ownership of the car, pays taxes, etc.

Never try to cheat car insurance companies by changing the name on the policy. Parents sometimes put their children as named drivers and buy auto insurance resource on their behalf, but they are still learning to drive. So, you should know that this is entirely illegal and that you could go to jail for doing this. In addition, the insurance company may refuse to pay if you have an accident.

The leader of the insurance policy should be the owner of the car and the one who, in turn, will drive it the most. Unfortunately, auto insurance companies often refuse to add other car drivers to existing policies to avoid situations like that.

What If I Am Involved in A Car Accident?

The bad news is that your driving record will be affected if you have an accident, and your no-claim bonus could be affected.

If you want to insure your son-in-law and your daughter, and include them in your insurance policy, remember that you will be responsible for paying for the damages caused in case of accidents.

Also, know that if you are a named driver, you could build up no-claims. If you drive more than one car, you can protect your bonus by being added to a friend’s policy. There are many other things to consider, such as how many more drivers you can add to your car insurance policy, etc. That is why we always recommend that you carry out thorough research to compare different auto insurance quotes and thus be able to choose the policy that best suits your wishes and needs.

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