Subscription Box Marketing – Tips to Make Your Custom Rigid Packaging Stick Out

One of the most important aspects of packaging is design. Frankly, when you are paying for custom work, you deserve to receive a compelling and unique custom rigid packaging design. Else, why should one do it?

Though the subscription business model started back in the 17th century, it has only grown in popularity since then. To get their products out, these businesses leverage sturdy and eye-catching custom rigid packaging because it’s an easy way to make a lasting impression on the consumers while keeping the products safe. However, if your packaging design turned out to be wasteful, the customers will instantly throw it away.

If you want to make your custom rigid boxes memorable and make the customers fall in love with them, it’s vital to stay on trend when designing them. Here are some practical strategies that you can adopt to evade common mistakes people make when re-designing subscription boxes.

Do Switch Up Your Artwork

If you send out subscription boxes every month, try to change your artwork once a month. If that seems dicey, try to switch up the graphics by the seasons. Remember, people’s reason for buying a product changes all year long. This means your marketing strategy should also change. Don’t be shy! Get creative to have some fun with your custom rigid packaging. If you want to seek inspiration, look at art galleries, Instagram, Pinterest, or get in touch with rigid box manufacturers in the USA to see their previous work and gain some valuable insights.

Don’t Forget to Add Social Media Usernames

Social platforms are one of the first places where people look for their favorite brands and businesses. It’s also a hassle-free way to boost your web traffic.

Don’t Choose the Wrong Size

One size never fits all, and shipping products in packaging that are too big or too small will only cost you money. If it’s huge, your carrier will charge you a high price as their pricing is based on dimensional weight. Meaning, they will charge you for how much space your packaging will take up in the truck.

If it’s too small, your products are likely to get damaged during transit which means you will see more returns, and you have to absorb additional costs.

Do Spellcheck Again and Again

You won’t believe the number of packages customers see with misspelled words. It will send out the message that your brand is sloppy and isn’t willing to put in the effort.

Don’t be on the Safe Side

Do not hesitate to use bold patterns, font styles, or colors. Even if you are looking to cover a small part of your wholesale rigid boxes. Why? The unveiling experience is something that counts. Consumers out there are sharing unboxing videos at an incredible rate. And if your subscription boxes manage to grab their attention with their tempting design, your product and packaging are also highly likely to feature in a viral unboxing video.    

Don’t Leave it Blank

Thinking about surprising your customers? Add details on the inside and outside of the custom rigid boxes to give your customers a spectacular box. Lately, we also came across packages with zero details on them. Instead, they have all the graphics and logos printed on the inside. Best mall in London

Do Use Packaging Inserts

Packaging inserts give you a clean and upscale presentation. In addition, they keep the product safe and secure during handling, storage, and transit. It will relinquish the need to add paper or bubble packaging. If you are enclosing more than one product in a box, inserts can help you create separate sections to divide up your box and make the contents stick out.

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