Know All About Washable and Disposable Incontinence Pull Up Pants

Australia reports urinary continence among 10% of males and 38% of the female population over 50. And among them, only 31% report the issue and seek help from a medical professional. One of the most anxiety-evoking aspects of incontinence among adults is the fear of their condition and the protective guard being exposed. Bulky incontinence products are a thing of the past. The market now has a range of user-friendly incontinence products, including incontinence pants which are available as both washable and disposable pants. To help decide which better choice would be, to suit one’s needs, below are the pros and cons of both options.

What Are the Key Aspects of Incontinence Pants?

  • They are close, snug, and comfortable.
  • They have a discreet appearance of normal underwear.
  • As the pads are built-in to the pants, one need not buy both pads and pants.
  • They have a neutralizing odor protecting the user in public places.
  • They provide freedom and flexibility to move and have an elastic waist.
  • The material is soft and comfortable.
  • They are perfect for people who have an active lifestyle.

Who Are Disposable and Washable Pull-Up Pants For?

Pull-up pants are an incontinence solution that is rapidly changing the perspective about incontinence products. A study conducted in 2008 showed that people preferred to pull up pants to insert pads during daytime as the process of wearing felt familiar, protective, and safe. These work well for adults who are independent, mobile and those who are comfortable wearing pants in general. These products help secure the garment with built-in pads making it a perfect option for those who prefer non-bulky, nappy-like incontinence products. As the name suggests, Disposable is a one-time-use pair of pants, and washable ones are recommended for long-term use.

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Benefits of Owning Disposable Pants

  • They have a much higher rate of absorbance than their washable counterparts.
  • Due to their absorbance, they have great odor control systems that help promote comfort among the users.
  • Users need not spend time washing and maintaining the product as they can throw them away after use and replace them.
  • Users can wear them for a long time due to their higher absorbance and tolerance, enabling them to not worry about changing often.
  • This is beneficial, especially for travelers who may not have places to wash and in hospitals to ensure hygiene and safety.
  • They are perfect for short-term and temporary use.

Benefits of Owning Washable Pants

  • Users also need not frequently visit stores to shop or receive deliveries.
  • They work as regular pants that provide comfort and discretion for those who are conscious about their use.
  • They are better for the environment as they create less waste.
  • Even though the selling price is higher, regular users benefit economically from washable pants in the longer run.
  • They provide discretion in cleaning and maintenance as the users can wash them in the comfort of their homes. They also have an appearance much like everyday pants.

Tips For Choosing the Right Disposable Pants

  • Always consider the budget and definitely look for the options from various brands within the set budget.
  • Compare the different brands and the features they offer, including the absorbency, to get the money’s worth.
  • Know the correct hip size before placing the order to avoid receiving a product that is too loose or tight.
  • Pants having a higher absorbency are much better for nighttime use.
  • Consider factors like the skin, comfort, and severity of incontinence while purchasing a pair of disposable incontinence pants.

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