The Pros and Cons of 12-Hour Manufacturing Jobs: Impact on Employee Health

Several manufacturers were forced to develop new strategies to boost production and efficiency in the wake of the Great Recession. Some people switched from eight to twelve-hour shifts to reduce the amount of time lost each day during shift changes. Yet, there will always be a cost. Finding a shift design that is reasonably acceptable and allows for the most productive use of machinery, has the largest yield of acceptable product, and makes the best use of supervision and labor resources, is a challenge. How will 12hr manufacture jobs affect the health and well-being of employees? And how will they boost the financial line?

The demanding reality of manufacturer in Spanish is long shifts. However, you can be aware of some important things if you’re having trouble keeping up with your schedule or preparing for a new task that includes lengthy days. Remember, your physical and emotional health gets affected as a result of 12 hours of working. Long-shift workers have more chances of having obesity, sleep problems, and low energy. Due to the varying job responsibilities, certain professions necessitate long-hour shifts like police officers, nurses, and truck drivers. Working long shifts become easy if you are taking good care of your body and mind. To fight and remediate the negative effects of overtime work, never forget to take breaks, eat well, and get plenty of rest every night.

Health issues in Twelve-hour shift

There may be issues with your health and well-being when you work in 12hr manufacture jobs. One study from the National Institute of Health depicts a connection between long hours and health conditions like obesity, sleep difficulties, and chronic exhaustion.

Shift workers have to struggle for enough sleep and prioritize their health. Long shifts prevent the person from exercising regularly. Moreover, it becomes very challenging to make balanced meals and take healthy food because of the long hours. While there are some time restrictions as well due to which individuals mostly rely on fast food, which is comparatively higher in carbs and saturated fat.

Make an appointment with your doctor if you’re concerned about the burden the work schedule is having on your physical and mental well-being. The doctor can alert you when any health issues are found during the physical examination of the body. They can also request blood tests to measure your cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Jobs that engage in 12-hour shifts

Laws are set to protect workers from doing a lot of overtime. Professionals like Power plant workers,  Police officers, Truck drivers, Nurses, Dispatchers, and Warehouse employees often leverage 12-hour shifts.

What is right?

Which is preferable, 8 or 12hr manufacture jobs? Which shift duration results in the highest productivity? the least number of safety incidents? the highest level of employee satisfaction? the least number of health issues? There is no unambiguous winner. Because of this, it’s crucial to take into account the traits of each labor population while choosing a schedule. The ideal shift combination is determined by the industry, operational factors, and labor force demographics in the area.

The difficulty with 12hr manufacture jobs is enhancing systems and creating procedures that reduce the unfavorable effects of working 12-hour shifts. Consider the fact that working multiple 12-hour shifts in a row raises your risk of injury owing to increasing fatigue. During their days off, twelve-hour shift workers frequently resume their regular daytime schedules, which makes it challenging to adapt to the night-shift pattern. To overcome this, it is advised that workers continue to follow their nighttime sleeping patterns during the day to synchronize their body rhythms with the work shift.

The overall operational and workforce goals of the organization must ultimately be in line with worker shifts. For instance, 8-hour shifts might be ideal if safety is a top priority. A 12-hour shift can be an alluring reward for younger workers who prefer three or four-day weekends. It does take more HR time to implement 12hr manufacture jobs because workers need to be informed, trained, and followed up with.

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