Tips for Coping with Post-Relocation Stress

Relocation can prove stressful on a number of fronts. In addition to being pulled away from familiar surroundings, many people find themselves separated from friends and family members. So, if you’ve recently been forced to relocate for career purposes, family obligations or other personal reasons, there’s a good chance stress colors a lot of what you do. Fortunately, you can take solace in the fact that you’re not alone. Post-relocation stress is a common affliction that can be treated in a timely, painless and cost-effective manner.

Find Things You Like About Your New Locale

Relocating doesn’t necessarily mean moving to one’s favorite place. For example, if you’re relocating because of a job transfer, your employer is unlikely to concern themselves with how enthused you are about your new locale. Additionally, if the area to which you relocated is dramatically different in terms of size, population or climate, it’s perfectly reasonable that you’d need some time to adjust.

No matter how displeased you are with certain aspects of your new home, it’s in your best interest to find things you like about this place. Even if you’re utterly determined to dislike a township, city or state, odds are you can find a handful of things that nicely mesh with your personal sensibilities. Finding a favorite restaurant, local haunt, retailer or nature spot in your new locale can serve as a gateway for discovering even more things you enjoy about this place. While some of these things may provide comfort by reminding you of your old home, some of them may open you up to new experiences and help you along the path to embracing change.

Regularly Touch Base with Your Support Network

Connecting with people back home can bring tremendous relief to people suffering from relocation anxiety. Even if you can’t easily occupy the same physical space as these individuals, there’s no shortage of ways to touch base with them. Traditional phone calls, texting and video chat are just a few of the convenient ways you can connect with loved ones at a moment’s notice.

Instead of putting on a brave face for your friends and family members, let them know about any problems you’re having with adjusting to your new home. As your support network, these people are committed to your well-being, and projecting false bravado is liable to give them the impression that nothing’s wrong, thereby impacting their ability to help you.

Gradually Expand Your Social Circle

While there’s nothing wrong with treasuring your friends and family members back home, building new connections is something you should strive towards. Being able to hang out with people you enjoy being around can be a boon to your mental health and make your new locale seem considerably less scary. This isn’t to say that you should immediately throw yourself into a new social scene, particularly if you’re not comfortable doing so. However, gradually meeting new people through work and various other channels can be a great way to expand your social circle and come out of your shell.

Seek Mental Health Assistance

Anyone experiencing relocation stress stands to benefit from professional mental health assistance. Therapy, counseling and various other forms of mental healthcare can help you identify the root cause(s) of your homesickness and provide you with a bevy of practical solutions for overcoming it. If you aren’t crazy about the idea of attending in-person sessions, simply opt for remote therapy. These days, many mental health professionals provide convenient remote options for patients who are unable to attend traditional appointments. Residents of The City That Never Sleeps, for example, should have no trouble finding online therapy New York.

People relocate for an expansive variety of reasons. Although big moves are commonly set into motion by job opportunities, some people relocate to be closer to loved ones, enjoy weather they find more agreeable and make a clean break from places that feel stagnant. Still, despite how exciting a big move can be, relocation can also facilitate a fair amount of stress. After moving to a brand-new locale, it’s extremely common for people to feel depressed, overwhelmed and hopelessly stressed. If this describes your relocation experience, the pointers discussed above are likely to prove useful.

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