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How to Shop For The Best Quality Pool Cover in Australia

While selecting a swimming pool cover may seem little, it is crucial to safeguard your luxury pool throughout the winter. Snow, ice, and other debris are kept out of your pool by pool covers, which also help to prevent evaporation. New pool owners may not yet understand how to select an efficient pool cover Australia. Since choosing the right cover requires several factors, including size, shape, and material, you should ensure you have the knowledge you need before making a purchase.

The size of your pool 

Your pool cover needs to be the appropriate size for your pool to close and cover it effectively. Before buying a cover, you must measure your swimming pool to determine its exact measurements. Make sure to shop for the pool cover which has a size of more than the pool so that it can be covered properly. 

The price of the cover will be influenced by the design of your pool, the elevation at various levels, and other water features. When selecting the ideal pool cover, be sure to evaluate the form and total surface area of the pool. These three key elements will determine the installation’s overall cost:

  • The size and form of the pool
  • The style of pool cover
  • how difficult the task is

Proper safety

Safety pool cover Australia earned its moniker because of its improved security and pool coverage. Safety covers extend onto the deck and are firmly fastened to it, as opposed to their other cover equivalents, which attach flat on the edge of your pool. Animals and people cannot fall into the pool due to this feature. Safety cover straps can hold the weight of humans, dogs, heavy tree branches, and patio furniture and have a break strength of over 4,000 pounds. Solid safety pool covers require more work to keep springtime crystal-clear water because mesh safety covers are less efficient at blocking sunlight and impurities.

The style 

Many merchants often have pool designs with symmetrical forms and straight lines, including the rectangular, Kidney, or Grecian styles. You need to make sure that you choose the cover that will fit in the style that your pool has. You cannot shop ofr a round cover when the shape of your pool is in a triangle. 

Mesh covers

The industry standard for your pool cover Australia is meshed safety coverings. They are portable, simple to clean, and simple to store. A considerable amount of light can travel through the delicate mesh material. About 5% of sunlight can enter your pool through mesh coverings. 

Additionally, the mesh cover helps guard against kids or animals slipping into the pool. Sellers claim that mesh pool coverings are $200–600 less expensive than heavier strength covers. Mesh pool coverings have a lifetime of 10 to 15 years.


The mesh safety cover is more resilient than heavy-duty mesh safety coverings. These coverings allow water to pass through while only allowing around 1% sunlight to reach the pool. High-end and frequently more costly, these coverings. This kind of pool cover will protect your pool from falling branches and other heavy debris in backyards with plenty of trees. Similar to the mesh cover, this cover will also prevent your kids and pets from falling in.


Start by determining why you need a pool cover in Australia. Mesh safety coverings are a great option to protect your kids and animals. You could wish to cover the pool if you don’t have kids or pets to keep out leaves and other debris or for winterizing.

  • Mesh pool coverings are excellent for enhancing safety and preventing unintentional drowning. They might be helpful if you live in a region with a lot of rainfall.
  • A leaf pool cover will help keep leaves out if trees surround your pool. To ensure safety, it should be erected beside a pool net.
  • Automatic pool covers are incredibly secure, prevent dirt from entering, and may also assist keep your water clean.

Good for every weather

Solid winter pool covers are constructed of tightly woven, laminated material, protecting the water in your pool from contaminants, sunlight, and chemical changes. Solid winter pool covers offer advantages and drawbacks like mesh coverings. The impermeable design of solid covers keeps water in your pool clean and free of impurities by preventing rain, snow, and other debris from entering. However, the rain, snow, and debris must go somewhere, and if it isn’t cleared away, it usually ends up weighing down your robust cover by sitting on top of it. An essential part of effective winter pool cover maintenance is routine pumping of the cover to remove debris and surplus water.


You must choose the right cover for your pool to maximise your investment. No matter how expensive the cover is, you will never get the protection you need if it does not fit or is incorrect for the condition of your pool.

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