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Protecting Your Home Throughout Renovations: A Guide

When you are renovating your home, it is easy to create a lot of mess and leave your home open to damage and other issues. Therefore, to ensure that you can protect the rest of your home while you are conducting renovations, read this guide to find out some top tips on how you can do this.

Hire a Self-Storage Unit

One of the top steps that you can take to protect your home while you are conducting renovations is to hire a self-storage unit. You should head to storagearea.com to find a storage unit near you. Within this storage unit, you can place all of your delicate or valuable furniture, and possessions that you are worried might get damaged in your home, either from the renovations themselves or the vast number of people who will be treading through your house in the months to come. By putting these items away, you will be able to clear your home while ensuring that these items can remain unbroken until you have found a place for them in your house again.

Move Your Furniture

You should also try to move all of the furniture in your home away from the room where the renovation is taking place, as furniture can become easily damaged by scratches and stains. If this furniture is too heavy to move or you have nowhere else to put it, you should try to cover the majority of your valuable furniture with dust sheets, as well as your flooring. These sheets can prevent the worst of the damage and can ensure that any flecks of paint or dust motes can be caught before they cause trouble. This will then stop you from having to buy new furniture once the renovations are complete and you have cleaned up your home.

Speak to Your Home Insurance

It is also important to speak to your home insurance provider before you conduct renovations to tell them of the refurbishments that are taking place. This will allow you to ensure that you are still covered if something happens to your treasured furniture and possessions, such as if the contents of your home are lost or are stolen. This is especially the case if you are hiring professionals and if you will be leaving the key in the lock for them or if you will not be home when they are conducting the improvement projects. You might even consider investing in a security system that can help you to safeguard your home when it might be less secure than normal, for instance, if you are having your windows or doors replaced.

Check Reviews for Your Services

You must also remember to check the reviews of the services that you are hiring. Not only will they have access to your home and the potential to steal valuables from your home, but if work is carried out poorly, these professional contractors could end up doing more harm than good to your home. Therefore, you should make sure that you have conducted research before you hire a service and that you are confident that they are reliable, and that they have a lot of experience within their field.

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